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A prime example of what can be accomplished by a master winemaker

The second International Wine Club wine from the Waterford Wine Estate, is one of the great Stellenbosch Region entities, and is the combination of two families, the Ords and the Arnolds. The winery is nestled within the Helderberg Valley Range outside Stellenbosch, South Africa, and was founded in 1998.

The principals are Jeremy Ord and Kevin Arnold, with the latter serving as Waterford Estate’s winemaker. Arnold served as winemaker at several top wineries before joining forces with Ord (the former head of an international technology group) just before the turn of the millennium. Waterford Wine Estate consists of approximately 120 hectares (about 288 acres) of planted fruit, which at this point, consists mostly of red varietals.

The selection of the 2003 Waterford Kevin Arnold Shiraz (the current release of the multiple international Gold Medal winner) is a prime example of what can be accomplished by a master winemaker in a relatively short time. It is also an excellent representative of the style and passion employed by many of South Africa’s emerging wineries. The flowing fountain on the Waterford label further symbolizes the exuberance of what the owners call “The Waterford Way” and the distinctive wines associated with Waterford Wine Estate.

Map of the area

South Africa's wine growing districts

Picture of South Africa's wine growing districts

In 1973, with the introduction of the Wine of Origin System, South Africa’s winelands were divided into a series of official regions, districts, wards and estates (in decreasing order of size, depending on the subdivision structure). South Africa’s vineyards are mostly situated in the Western Cape near the coast.

The traditional viticultural regions of the Cape Peninsula and surrounding regions have a mainly Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and good winter rainfall, making irrigation unnecessary. Currently, there are over 260 wineries in South Africa’s wine country, and the number grows every year.