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Vinum Cellars

Napa Valley AVA


A unique collaboration between two winemakers to produce a wine range of premium quality wines from key wine growing regions

Vinum Cellars are founded in 1997 by two young first-generation winemakers, Richard Bruno and Chris Condos, who met and became friends while studying viticulture and enology at UC Davis. They shared a fondness for European wines and the more obscure varietals, and even today, some twenty-four years into their Vinum Cellars wine project, they continue to specialize in these 'underdog' varietals. After graduating from UC Davis, Condos went to work for Pine Ridge as Enologist and Bruno went on to become the head distiller of winemaking for Don Sebastiani and Sons. When they decided to start working together, their combined experience was rather remarkable.

Over the years, Vinum Cellars has grown to work with a number of premium, sustainably-minded grape growers throughout California. From Clarksburg in the North Sacramento Delta, to El Dorado County, Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Paso Robles, and San Benito County, Bruno and Condos produce wines from single vineyards and appellations throughout the state. Most of their wines are made in very small batches and represent experimental winemaking methods, while also preserving an Old World approach.

Vinum Cellars has also grown to include four unique winery brands - Vinum Cellars, Sierra Del Mar Vineyard, Typesetter, and Spring Street Winery. Sierra Del Mar offers wines from various cool climates in California; Typesetter is an ode to Bruno's maternal grandfather who was a lithographer and Typesetter and produces inky Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignons, and Spring Street focuses on California's Central Coast, producing a range of site-driven wines.

'The Scrapper' is a special wine from the El Dorado Foothills that Bruno and Condos have been making for over twenty vintages now - and no surprise, it represents one of their favorite 'underdog' varietals, Cabernet Franc. Bruno and Condos named this wine, 'The Scrapper' (a fighter) because they believe the varietal is sometimes forgotten in the shadows of the more popular varietal, Cabernet Sauvignon. The Scrapper image on the wine label is a photo of Gene Tunney, the 1926 Heavyweight Champion of the World. He defeated the more popular fighter, Jack Dempsey, twice in order to win the crown - a feat no one else ever did. Bruno and Condos hope this metaphor serves as a good reminder to never underestimate the quality and potential of the underdog. What's more, 'The Scrapper' Cabernet Franc has an incredible legacy of multiple award-winning vintages and 90+ ratings, which definitely has our attention.

We hope our Gold Plus! Wine Club members enjoy this bottling from Vinum Cellars - truly a scrapper and a great one at that. Cheers!

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Richard Bruno & Chris Condos - Winemakers

Picture of Richard Bruno & Chris Condos - Winemakers

It is something of a rarity in wineries for both co-owners of a winery to also be winemakers. Since both owners of Vinum Cellars are UC Davis graduates, this aspect seemed to be a forlorn conclusion when the company was first formed.

“Besides being good friends, we both brought something different to the table,” offered Richard Bruno. “Our careers in the wine business were different and we had worked in completely different settings. What we did have in common was the desire to make wines that we’re so mainstream, like Cabernet Sauvignon. Our outlook was more European in nature and our wines tended to be somewhat esoteric. We both agreed there was a need for the type of wines we enjoyed drinking and our efforts in establishing our portfolio at Vinum Cellars always kept that concept in mind.”

Bruno stated that both he and Chris Condos have developed a sixth sense for each other. If someone posed a particular question, each one would give the exact same answer.

“People think we are connected at the seam,” added Bruno, “and that’s okay with us. All blending decisions are a mutual effort and that’s the reason our wines are so consistent. We both hope that result continues for a long, long time.”

Chris condos & Richard Bruno - In the Spotlight

Picture of Chris condos & Richard Bruno - In the Spotlight

It is a rarity when our In the Spotlight section features two individuals, but in the case of Vinum Cellars, it is necessary. Vinum Cellars is an operation that thrives when both co-owners and co-winemakers think alike on most matters.

Richard Bruno
For Richard Bruno, 49, his path toward ‘winedom’ began in high school when he was a bus-boy, and then a waiter in restaurants around the San Francisco area. He was attracted to wine and soon realized that the better the restaurant, the better the wine list, and hence the larger tips that followed. By the time he reached college, Bruno knew that wine was definitely in his future.

He enrolled in UC Davis’ agricultural school and wound up with a degree in fermentation science. At Davis, Bruno met another student, Chris Condos, and struck up a lasting friendship that eventually evolved into the establishment of Vinum Cellars.

Between graduation from UC Davis and Vinum Cellars’ founding in 1997, Richard Bruno had several important roles in the wine industry. His first job was with Randall Graham at iconic Bonny Doon Vineyards, where Graham became his friend and mentor. “Randall taught me a lot of what to do and not to do,” recalled Bruno. “We have remained great friends and talk to each other on a consistent basis.”

After Bonny Doon Vineyards, Bruno worked at Alexander Valley Vineyards and Napa Valley’s Folie á Deux Winery. He also joined the staff at Don Sebastiani and Sons where he was Director of Winemaking for eight years.

But his real love during that time was Vinum Cellars and its mission of producing wines that he felt were esoteric and sometimes overlooked. “When we started Vinum, hardly anyone in California was making Chenin Blanc. I love the grape and what you can do with it,” confessed Bruno. “We have made it a priority for our winery, and a number of other wineries have jumped on the bandwagon. It is gratifying to see the varietal succeed and having a part in its achievement.”

Chris Condos
Chris Condos’ involvement with Vinum Cellars was decided before he was born. As a third-generation product of a large Greek family, Condos, 48 was destined to follow his grandfather and father into the wine business. He met Richard Bruno at UC Davis and found they shared similar outlooks and approaches to varietals, particularly those infrequently used or grown in California.

Condos agreed to team up with Bruno when Vinum Cellars was developed. His own career had flourished after graduation with stints at Napa Valley’s Pine Ridge Winery and Santa Cruz’s popular Kathryn Kennedy Winery. These jobs helped pay the bills at Vinum Cellars during its early development period.

Chris Condos remains a winemaking consultant and has been a driving force in the organic and biodynamic farming process that has swept throughout California, and much of the wine-growing world. His time at Pine Ridge Winery allowed him to see the benefits of organic farming and has carried through to his most recent project, Horse & Plow. Along with his wife Suzanne, Horse & Plow produces an excellent cider and a number of certified organic wines. “These (organic) farming practices allow us to craft wines with greater complexity and sense of place, while caring for worker health and the environment,” Condos remarked. “Our organic practices don’t stop when the grapes get to the winery - our wines are made naturally with no synthetic nutrients or additives, no GMO’s, are vegan, and contain low, sometimes no, sulfites. I’m all about natural wine, natural farming, always.”

It is easy to see why both of the above individuals occupy this In The Spotlight section. Both are independent, forward-thinking individuals that aren’t afraid to tackle new vistas or established mores.

California Wine Regions

Picture of California Wine Regions

When you have the entirety of California’s numerous grape growing regions to choose from, it is easy to understand why Vinum Cellars’ owners have chosen to utilize a great many of the existing areas.

“We firmly believe that certain varietals thrive in certain microclimates,” Co-owner Chris Condos advised. “We do our best to match the varietal we intend to use with the best possible soils and climate to accentuate the vine’s development. I guess you can say that we source by microclimate, but it all seems to work for us.”

Grapes from growing areas such as the Central Coast’s Paso Robles AVA, Sonoma Valley AVA, Sierra Foothills AVA, Napa Valley AVA, and the huge Sacramento Delta growing area are all included in Vinum Cellars’ long-term plans.

“It is vital to our development to have agreements with first-class growers that can provide us with the specific fruit we need for our portfolio,” added Chris Condos. “We watch each grower closely for the first few years to insure they meet our standards. When we feel their fruit is uniform, then we sign long-term contracts. It’s a win-win for both sides and it works for us.”

Few California wineries source their fruit from such varied locales. The success of Vinum Cellars might easily provide the impetus for more wineries to consider this form of sourcing for their products.