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Lawson brothers are upholding their family's Napa winemaking tradition

Owned by third generation Napa Valley winemaker Greg Lawson, Valley Legend Wines is quite possibly Napa’s best kept secret. The small winery focuses on Cabernet Sauvignon, and recently just a tiny amount of Merlot, crafted in distinctive styles from Napa Valley’s most prestigious sub-regions.

From the Narsai David Vineyard in Conn Valley, to the Rock Cairn site in Oakville, it’s clear that Valley Legend only works with the best of the best, and the wines speak for themselves. Greg Lawson is joined by his brother Rob, who helps craft the Valley Legend wines, in addition to a number of other select Napa Valley brands.

With a small, yet incredibly focused wine portfolio, the Lawson brothers are upholding their family’s Napa winemaking tradition, going back to their father who made Pinot Noirs in the 80s and 90s, and to their grandfather who became the first president of Beringer Winery, after it was purchased from the Beringer Family by Nestle in 1971.

Valley Legend’s name refers to the “legend” table on a map or chart, listing and explaining the symbols used. All bottles show the latitude and longitude of their source vineyard’s location, even down to the specific vineyard block – a true indication of the winery’s dedication to producing wines that represent the site and grapes from which they were made.

It is Valley Legend’s goal to tell a unique story with each bottling, a story that shows their dream to make wines without compromise and to focus on the true fundamentals of winemaking. With an incredible start, and a collection of award-winning, limited production wines, it seems their own Legend has just begun.