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It is not just about the people or vineyard, but it's rather about everything coming together as something thoughtfully crafted.

Founded by Darrel and Molly Roby, Twill Cellars began as a project to explore some of the most unique terroirs in the state of Oregon. The focus is on Syrah, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, three of the best varietals suited to these cool-climate regions that can also express the subtle or extreme variations in terroir from site to site. The Robys only work with organically grown vineyards and utilize very low-impact winemaking techniques in the cellar - keeping the focus on the purity of the fruit and the natural characteristics coming out of the vineyard and the vintage.

Darrel and Molly began as growers of a small, 2.7-acre vineyard that they planted together in 2001. With the guidance of a stellar foreman, Luis Hernandez, they learned the subtle details in farming for wine and not just fruit. Today, Darrel sees to the day-to-day work in the vineyards while fixing or innovating new equipment for the cellar, while Molly handles the hospitality and finances for the business. Their winemaker is Chris Dickson who brought over ten years of wine production experience to Twill Cellars, having worked for many excellent wineries and winemakers around the world including Matello, Evesham Wood, Penner-Ash, Betz Family, Framingham, Landmark, Lammershoek, and Dr. Loosen). He continues to hone in on the quality of wines he hopes to craft.

What about the name ‘Twill?’ This clever winery name is a word that encompasses many of the things Darrel, Molly and Chris are after in crafting their wines (think: a woven fabric, process of assembly, tension and strength of material). It is not just about the people, the particular vineyard, bottle, barrel, or vine clone, but it is rather about the composition of everything coming together as something thoughtfully crafted. It is a tapestry of many components, and ‘Twill’ seems to capture that philosophy just perfectly. The artwork for the wine labels is done by Jonathan Sundy, a friend of Chris Dickson’s from high school. His portfolio proved his talent and masterful fine art ability that the team felt was just the right style to bring the essence of Twill Cellars to life. We hope you enjoy this celebrated release from Twill Cellars. Cheers!

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