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TW Ferm Co.

Paso Robles AVA

Hard work and dedication produce small-lot wine excellence.

Two college friends with similar interests began home winemaking and were so successful they decided to enter the wine business with their own company. That was in 2012, and the results of their efforts have made their winery a sophisticated player in the incredibly competitive California wine industry.

The two friends, Paul Quinn and James Schreiner studied together at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and tossed pizzas as a part time job. Much talk about wine and fermentation while working led to the establishment of TW Ferm Co., the peculiarly named entity that claims this month’s Platinum Plus Wine Club selection.

For the record, the letters “TW” stand for Thomas William, a contraction of the first letters of the owner’s middle names, and the term Ferm heralds their dedication to fermentation and all things connected with the process. Quinn and Schreiner gained great practical experience by working at the well-respected Opolo Vineyards and Winery in Paso Robles, a winery that has always been considered on the cutting edge of wine innovation in the Paso area. Quinn serves as head distiller and Schreiner fills the role as assistant winemaker. The company is the result of the pair’s separate aspirations turned into a collective dream.

TW Ferm’s first offerings were Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and were described by Paul as “at least drinkable,” and James as “it did the job.” Undaunted, the pair has since produced wines that have won extreme critical approval and correspondingly high scores in wine industry periodicals. The pair have been quoted as saying, “It has always been our intention of creating opulent and honest wines at a fair price.” This idea was the driving force behind the establishment of their Straight Cab, this month’s featured wine.

The tiny company produces Bordeaux varietals in extremely small lots (this month’s selection was limited to only 43 cases) in their attempt to keep the wine quality at an extremely high level.

Such aims and efforts are a vital part of the burgeoning California Wine Industry. Small producers like TW Ferm Co. provide an interesting alternative to mass-produced wines that are by necessity, the handiwork of their owners’ desire to capture the market. TW Ferm Co.’s no-nonsense label and attention to detail are excellent examples of what dedicated individuals seeking to improve the wine business can do with hard work and dedication.

It is our pleasure to introduce our Platinum Plus members to this marvelous offering from TW Ferm Co. Enjoy this wine to its fullest!