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Turning Tide wines are crafted to be well-balanced, expressive, and made to show - and celebrate - their distinct places of origin.

An ultra-boutique, environmentally conscious winery located on California’s Central Coast, Turning Tide Wines and owner/winemaker Alisa Jacobson are hoping to ‘turn the tide’ on the way winegrowers farm, promoting sustainable, responsible growing methods that farm with the future in mind. Working exclusively with organic and sustainably farmed grapes from cool, coastal vineyards, Turning Tide wines are crafted to be well-balanced, expressive, and made to show - and celebrate - their distinct places of origin.

Growing up in and around farms in the fertile California Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, Alisa (who goes by “AJ”) has had a lifelong desire to find ways to help protect the land and water supply, and to educate people about preserving natural resources. She also credits her grandmother, Irene Stegemann, for igniting her love of the ocean from an early age, remembering childhood camping trips to the Mendocino Coast where they went abalone diving together. Now as an adult (and an environmentalist and outdoor enthusiast), Alisa travels the world scuba diving, exploring, and camping in her airstream - cherishing the natural wonders the Earth has to offer. AJ is using Turning Tide Wines to show that farming the right way, using sustainable methods that reduce impacts on climate change, not only help protect the planet, but actually make a difference in wine quality as well.

After studying wine and viticulture at UC Davis, AJ went on to work in cellars and winemaking labs that focused on sparkling wine production. She also ventured to Australia to make Shiraz (and to take deep dives along the Great Barrier Reef!). Upon returning to California, AJ worked at Joseph Phelps Winery, which is where she met Joel and Sarah Gott. In 2003, the Gotts hired AJ as their first employee and over the next several years, she helped establish the Joel Gott wine label as the globally-recognized iconic brand it is today. While there, AJ rose to the rank of VP of Winemaking, managing all winery and vineyard operations.

In 2017, AJ began focusing on her own path, crafting small-lot wines from sustainably-farmed coastal vineyards, and made the first vintage of Turning Tide Wines. In her experience, AJ has found that wine is truly made in the vineyard, and the healthier the soil and environment, the more alive and vibrant the wine will appear in the glass. She is committed to showcasing the true essence of the grapes she harvests, while also respecting the elements each vineyard site provides.

We are happy to share one of Turning Tide’s pure, expressive bottlings with our Gold Plus! Wine Club members. Cheers!