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A mother and daughter celebrate their shared passion for wine

Trombetta Family wines is a small, newcomer winery based in Forestville, California, in the heart of the cool-climate Petaluma Gap of Sonoma Coast. Founded by the dynamic mother-daughter duo of Rickey Trombetta Stancliff and Erica Stancliff in 2010, Trombetta Family Wines focuses exclusively on small-lot Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from a pair of the region’s top vineyards.

Rickey Trombetta Stancliff grew up in a passionate, food-centric Italian family, who interestingly enough, did not partake in drinking wine. Instead, the family spent their time working in the garden, grafting fruit trees in the backyard, visiting the family butcher, and preparing beautiful meals together from all of their fresh ingredients. Growing up in Sonoma County and in an Italian family, it is easy to assume that Rickey Trombetta’s family would have been more main stream wine aficionados, especially since many of her parents’ friends were winemakers or winery owners. It actually wasn’t until Rickey’s husband Roger introduced her to a group of home winemakers many years down the road, that she began exploring the art of growing grapes and producing wine and realized her true calling in life.

As their curiosity about wine grew, Rickey and Roger took courses at their local Junior College and U.C. Davis and even planted a small vineyard in their backyard, from which they made homemade wine. Rickey gained further hands on experience working harvests at Kunde Winery (Sonoma) where family friend - and legendary California winemaker - Paul Hobbs was renting space to make his wines. Rickey’s daughter Erica also showed an interest in the field and often joined her in the vineyard and sampled tastes of wine at the dinner table while growing up.

Erica developed a discerning palate early on and with encouragement and guidance from Paul Hobbs, went on to complete her enology degree from Fresno State University. Trombetta Family Wines, named to honor Rickey’s father, became a reality in 2010 with Erica serving as winemaker and Paul Hobbs as consulting winemaker. Their production is very limited, and with an increasingly popular following, these wines are hard to get your hands on! We hope you enjoy this remarkable wine from one of Sonoma’s top rising star wineries. Cheers!

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Erica Stancliff - Winemaker

Picture of Erica Stancliff - Winemaker

As Trombetta’s winemaker, Erica Stancliff brings her passion, humor, curiosity, and most importantly, her steadfastness to producing the highest quality wines without compromise for her family’s ultra boutique wine label.

Before Trombetta, Erica took part in winemaking internships at Vina Cobos in the Mendoza region of Argentina and Rudd Winery in Napa Valley. She continues to further her wine education by traveling internationally to learn how the latest technologies might be applied to her family winery. Erica also sits on tasting panels to judge competitions, including the International Wine Channel Competition and San Francisco’s Annual Pinot Noir Summit. Erica’s passion and natural talent can be tasted in each of Trombetta’s wines.