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Tom Mackey Cellars

Sonoma County region

A tiny and focused entity with an award-winning winemaker, giving it immediate distinction and merit

Legendary winemaker Tom Mackey (of St. Francis Winery fame) is back on the scene with his namesake Tom Mackey Cellars, an ultra-boutique entity founded in 2014 by Tom and his business partner/assistant winemaker, Clyde Galantine. The goal at Tom Mackey Cellars is to source fruit from some of the finest vineyards in Sonoma County and craft very small lots of hand-picked Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, accenting the unique flavors and aromas that the vines and land provide. While the winery is still very young, the winemaking methods of Tom Mackey are award-winning and go back several decades, giving his new brand immediate distinction and merit.

Tom Mackey is a third generation San Franciscan who grew up as a 'city boy.' Visiting his relatives' and friends' ranches and farms seemed exotic and Tom recalls wine often being on the dinner table as a natural accompaniment to family meals. He embarked on several trips to wine country north of San Francisco, and before he knew it, wine had become an exciting hobby and passion of his.

Tom started off his wine education at Fresno State University, where, while working in a wine shop, he earned a BS and MS in Enology Food Science with a minor in Viticulture. After completing his grad work, and working a winemaking stint in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, Tom found himself back in California working as an assistant winemaker at a Napa Valley winery. In 1983, Tom was hired as the first winemaker at St. Francis Winery in Sonoma Valley, and he spent the next thirty years leaving a serious mark on the winery and the region. From developing new wines, purchasing new vineyards, and assisting in the design of a state-of-the-art winery, to equipping and staffing the facility and supervising the various winemaking departments, Tom truly had a hand in everything. He helped establish Merlot as a serious varietal, earning the title, "Master of Merlot" from the Wine Spectator, and Robert Parker rated his wines as some of the finest in California. Tom was also named Winemaker of the Year multiple times over the year. As for the region of Sonoma Valley, Tom helped lead the way in pioneering a 'Sonoma Valley' style of winemaking, as well as helping the region find and hone in on its identity.

Tom's newest endeavor, Tom Mackey Cellars, is tiny and focused. With the help of Clyde Galantine, Tom hand selects his grapes from small local vineyards (St. Francis Wild Oak Vineyard in Sonoma Valley and Mike Lee's Monticello Vineyard high above Sonoma Valley, to name a couple). This is truly hands-on winemaking, as Tom and Clyde are the sole employees and they are equally passionate about their craft. We are proud to present Tom Mackey Cellars to our Garagiste Wine Club members. Enjoy!