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Edna Valley is renowned for world-class, cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

One of Edna Valley’s premier family wineries, Tolosa Winery is nestled amongst the northwest-southeast running volcanic hills of San Luis Obispo County, which is a frontier for growing complex, cool-climate varietals - especially Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It is vintner Robin Baggett’s mission to discover Edna Valley’s best pockets and to create exceptional wines that are the purest expression of this distinctive appellation.

Much as the soil and the climate come together, the passions of vintner Robin Baggett have converged in Edna Valley. Dreams of owning a cattle ranch brought him to the area almost 40 years ago. Having graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1973, he knew the area well and ended up purchasing an historic ranch in the valley and began running cattle. Shortly after, the cold Pacific wind and limestone soils made him realize he was on a different kind of frontier – one for world-class, cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Being in a region with a grape-growing history that stretches back to the 18th century, planting wine grapes was a natural choice. The revelation of the valley as a remarkable place for Pinot Noir ignited his zeal to build complex, nuanced and balanced wines of distinction.

Robin and his partner Bob Schiebelhut began planting vineyards in 1988, adding several other historic family ranches in the valley over time. Together with Jim Efird, now retired, they founded Tolosa in 1998. Robin’s passion for winemaking was born and his wine journey began. Together with Michelle, his wife, they founded another winery, Alpha Omega, in Napa Valley in 2006. Their dreams of creating world class, Bourdeaux-style wines in two of California’s greatest regions came to fruition.

The shared passions of creating terroir-driven wines, starts with a deep appreciation of the land that they farm. Tolosa’s vineyard, Edna Ranch, is sustainably farmed and Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certified. Cover crops are used to add nitrates back to the soil and preserve the soil’s ability to absorb water. Every drop of water is reclaimed and biologically processed for careful, precise application in the vineyard through drip irrigation. All winery waste, including grape seeds and skins, is recycled, composted, or otherwise recovered. Installed in 2009, a solar panel system complete with GPS trackers, tracks the sun during the day and increases captured energy up to 25% over fixed systems. The system produces enough power to offset up to 95% of the winery’s electricity demand. In addition to creating a nearly-energy independent winery, Tolosa has installed Tesla charging stations in their front parking lot.

Wineries such as Tolosa fill an important niche in the Central Coast of California, a true gem in every meaning, we are pleased to present to you the outstanding 2017 Tolosa Rosé of Pinot Noir as our Gold Wine Club Plus! feature. Enjoy!

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