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A true boutique winery producing hand crafted, limited production wines from Sonoma County AVA.

Founded in 2014 by Kieran Murphy and his wife BreAnna, Tiny House Vineyard combines a couple's passion for producing small-lot, premium wines and their love of living a minimalist lifestyle. Tiny House wines are terroir-driven, showcasing the specific sites from which they are grown, and they are thoughtfully made with a natural, "hands-off" approach. The results are wines of uncompromising quality that deliver elegance, powerful flavors, and the unique characters of Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley.

Born in Germany, Kieran Murphy grew up working in restaurants and bartending. In 2006, he moved to Santa Rosa and its close proximity to some of California's best wine country lured Kieran into the industry. After attending Santa Rosa Junior College, Kieran started as a wine broker for The Wine Spectrum, where he handled limited release, premium wines from the United States and around the world. He went on to work for Donelan Family Wines, a boutique family winery in Sonoma County, and currently serves as a Direct Sales Manager for Jackson Family Wines, also in Sonoma. It was while at The Wine Spectrum that Kieran and his wife established Tiny House Vineyard - and also began work on their own Tiny House of 160 square feet that they continue to live in today.

BreAnna Murphy is an interior designer who was born and raised in Santa Rosa. She completely designed the miniature, rustic home in which she and Kieran live, and spent several months customizing it to fit their lifestyle. The couple built the home themselves, by hand, working together on weekends for an eight month period, and the result is a minimalist, functional home that forces the Murphys to live efficiently - and they absolutely love it. The Tiny House is currently located on a friend's property in rural Sonoma County, but Kieran and BreAnna hope to one day have the home on an estate vineyard where they can host tastings of their Tiny House Vineyard wines.

The first release of Tiny House Vineyard wine came in 2016 (2014 vintage) and overall production is only about 300 cases annually. Kieran and BreAnna exclusively work with two vineyards in Sonoma County and currently make only two wines - a Russian River Valley Pinot Noir from W.E. Bottoms Vineyard and a Rosé of Pinotage from Sonoma Coast (made from vine cuttings brought over from South Africa). Looking towards the future, Kieran and BreAnna hope to add a Pinot Noir blend (made with fruit from select vineyards in Sonoma or Anderson Valley) or a Pinot Gris, to stick within the 'Pinot' family of Pinot Noir and Pinotage.

Tiny House wines are currently made at Vinify, a custom crush facility located nearby in Santa Rosa. Kieran and BreAnna both believe in doing as little as possible when crafting their wines. They are all about consistency in their sustainably minded, minimalist winemaking practices, but that being said, the wines will taste different each year, reflecting the terroir of the vineyard sites and the unique characters that the changing climates bring out year to year. To further reflect their minimalistic, sustainable style, Tiny House wine bottles do not use foils, and the couple plans to have their corks and labels made more sustainably in the future (as their production increases and the costs can be justified).

We are thrilled to introduce this producer to our Pinot Noir Wine Club members and hope you enjoy the fruits of their labor. Cheers!