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A top Pinot Noir producer in New Zealand offering limited amounts of expressive, site-driven wines

Founded in 2006 as a sister label to the well established Nga Waka Wines, Three Paddles Wines is a family-owned winery offering high quality, value-driven wines from sustainably grown estate vineyards in Martinborough, New Zealand. The brand produces limited amounts of Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling, each made to reflect a sense of place with balance, personality, and true varietal expression. Since the inaugural releases, the Three Paddles wines have consistently garnered notable praise and awards for their value and we are happy to offer one of their latest achievements to our Pinot Noir Wine Club members.

To tell the story behind Three Paddles Wines, one must start at the beginning in 1974 in Paris, France. Gordon Parkinson, a career diplomat, had taken a posting at the New Zealand Embassy in the French capital, and as he and his young family settled into life there, he became captivated by the wines of the Old World. His fascination with wine rubbed off on his son, Roger, and the two of them enjoyed exploring, tasting and collecting.

In the 1980's, the new wave of New Zealand wines began to appear and their distinctiveness and high quality couldn't be ignored by the father-son duo. The potential of the first Martinborough wines in particular, and the region's suitability for viticulture was compelling, and the idea of Nga Waka Wines was born. By 1986, the Parkinsons had purchased their first block of land; the vineyard was established in 1988; and the first Nga Waka wines were made in 1993.

The name of the winery was taken from Nga Waka A Kupe (The Canoes of Kupe), a landmark of three hills which appear like upturned canoes that form a backdrop for the town of Martinborough. Just as great wine expresses its particular site and reflects a sense of place, the name Nga Waka was chosen to reflect their sense of place. Their wines are all site-driven to show the unique character of Martinborough, New Zealand. To complement the Nga Waka wines, which are made with cellaring and ageability in mind, the Parkinson family established Three Paddles Wines for a collection of earlier drinking, value-driven Martinborough wines - but with the same personality and distinctiveness of the Nga Waka brand. The newer label has already garnered significant praise and continues to build its reputation as a high quality producer. The name 'Three Paddles' also complements the three canoes of Nga Waka A Kupe.

We hope you enjoy this special feature from one of New Zealand's rising star wineries. Cheers!

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Roger Parkinson - Winemaker

Picture of Roger Parkinson - Winemaker

Founder, CEO, and Winemaker for Three Paddles Wines, Roger Parkinson is a Roseworthy College (South Australia) graduate and prize winner with winemaking experience in New Zealand, Australia and France. He was initially attracted to the wine industry while living in France and experiencing the wine culture first hand.

When the modern New Zealand wine industry starting firing up in his early twenties, he knew he had to be a part of it and established Nga Waka Wines with his family. Since 1993, Roger has crafted 100% estate-grown Martinborough wines from family vineyards and continues to build his reputation as a high quality producer of authentic, food-friendly wines.