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This value-driven boutique winery brand is a prime example of offering excellent varietal wines at reasonable prices

Thomas Henry Wines first saw the light of day in 2008 with an initial release of around 900 cases. Named for Owner/Winemaker Tom Meadowcroft’s father, Thomas Henry Meadowcroft, the winery has gradually increased its production to its present level of around 12,000 cases for the current year. The winery sources its fruit from throughout the State of California with selected growers who meet Thomas Henry’s strict standards of sustainable farming practices.

Located in the Sonoma County town of Sebastopol, the Thomas Henry Wines winery facility and tasting room are open to visitors on an appointment-only basis. A separate tasting facility on Arnold Drive just outside (south) of the town of Sonoma, called Cornerstone Sonoma, is open to the general public and well worth a stop.

The Thomas Henry label features a dragonfly roaming through the sky, and symbolizes the work and process of transforming grapes into wine and the nurturing process of a fertile field into a cultivated area. The wines of Thomas Henry are a serious value for anyone who observes a true price/value relationship. We are delighted to present Thomas Henry Wines to our Gold Wine Club members.

Thomas Meadowcroft - Winemaker

Picture of Thomas Meadowcroft - Winemaker

As mentioned in the Spotlight section, Tom Meadowcroft holds an associate degree from Napa Valley College in winemaking and viticulture. He is also a graduate of UC Davis’ much heralded Extension Program that has been utilized by numerous winemakers and wine industry executives since its inception in 1960. His career in wine began in 1995 in Washington State with Andrew Will Winery and was followed by a stint with Ric Forman at Forman Vineyards. His viticultural expertise emanates from his seven-year stint at Buckland Vineyard Management where he cared for vineyards of Duckhorn, Mondavi, Stags Leap, Opus One and many others. He points to this period of walking the fields with winemakers and seeing the whole diorama of learning and absorbing the individual philosophies of these wine experts as an invaluable experience in his career.

Thomas Meadowcroft - In The Spotlight

Picture of Thomas Meadowcroft - In The Spotlight

Tom Meadowcroft enjoys recalling his first experience with the wine industry.

“I believe I was about eight years old and my mother and I were living in a small village just outside Geneva, Switzerland. The family who lived next door also had a boy who was my same age. We became good friends and did everything together. His father was a winemaker and one day, we asked him if we could make some money doing something. He offered us a centime apiece for each bottle we washed, and we took him up on it. When we accumulated 25 centimes, we went to the candy store in the village and bought some candy. It was my induction into the wine business and I never realized it would become the forerunner of my life’s work,” Meadowcroft related.

The fact that he was originally from Seattle caused Tom Meadowcroft to return to the United States for his collegiate years. He attended the University of Washington and graduated with a degree in political sciences and international studies. After college, Meadowcroft traveled to Bordeaux and found his first wine job picking grapes for the iconic Sauternes winery, Château d’Yquem. Bitten by the wine bug, Meadowcroft soon found himself at the Napa Valley College where the college’s viticulture and winemaking curriculum beckoned. In no time at all, one year to be exact, Tom Meadowcroft answered the call and became totally immersed in the culture of wine.

“I was always open to wines and I found that learning about how to make wines was a totally delightful experience. Once I got into it for real, I became so passionate that I knew I wanted to get into the business in the right way,” he informed. “I also completed the UC Davis extension program that has benefited me and my wines a great deal.”

On being a commercial success . . . “As I have developed my craft, it has been my desire to share a current narrative of winemaking and the richness it offers. As I progress and refine my techniques, it is my hope that I become a master of the craft of winemaking.”

Tom Meadowcroft credits his father, Thomas Henry Meadowcroft, with formulating his feeling for wines. His father operated a travel business that offered bike trips through Europe. On these excursions, Tom pointed out that his father always was on the lookout for good wines at an affordable price since he was supposed to provide the wine for his customers.

“That idea worked well for my father, and I always believed he was right about the pricing. I try and do the same thing with my wines. If the customer feels he is getting a good deal, he is happy and will tell others of his experience.

On his favorite wine . . . “I always say my favorite wine is the one I just made, or the next one I am working on. That way, I can stay out of trouble and not hurt anyone’s feelings or taste.”

Tom Meadowcroft is something of a rarity in the wine industry. He cares deeply about his chosen profession and the consuming public who will either make or break his wines. He has spent the better part of two decades refining his avocation and collecting numerous awards and high scores for his wines in competitions and wine industry periodicals.

Today, Tom Meadowcroft is the proud owner and winemaker for Meadowcroft Wines and Tomas Henry Wines. He owns Camino D’Oro Winery as well, and works with winemaker Petar Kirilov to craft those distinctively ‘California-style’ wines. We are proud to introduce this deeply passionate winemaker and share wines from two of his boutique winery projects.