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Celebrates their 21st year of crafting small-lot premium California wines

This year, Spelletich Family Wine Company celebrates their twenty-first year of crafting small-lot premium California wines from some of the finest Napa Valley vineyards. Founded in 1994 by Timothy and Barbara Spelletich, the winery is truly family owned and operated. Timothy and Barbara are also joined by their daughter Kristen, who now serves as the director of operations and is becoming a winemaking prodigy working alongside her mother. The family wine company has grown to include four brands (Spelletich Cellars, SPELLwine, 3 SPELLS, and Crush 94), each representing a different niche market and price point.

Barbara Spelletich has worked in the wine industry for over forty years with several premium producers. In 1981, Barbara established her own wine distributorship, Zephyr Imports, in Seattle, Washington. At the time, very few American women were importing wines from Europe, making her a pioneer in the field. It was always a goal of hers to start a wine label that represented the perfect balance of old and new world wine, and when she met Tim Spelletich, that plan started to unfold. Tim’s interest in wine began after traveling through Italy post college. He worked at a small country inn and restaurant there and embraced the old-fashioned way of life. When Tim returned to the United States, he worked for Pierre Hotel in New York, the Four Seasons in Philadelphia, and finally as a manager and wine buyer for Tra Vigne restaurant in Napa Valley. Together, Tim and Barbara started the Spelletich Family Wine Company and produced the ‘BoDog Red’ as their first release.

Spelletich Family Wine Company has recently made a home in The Napa Commons, where they are joined by such prestigious neighbors as Trinitas Cellars, Mi Sueno, and Falcor wineries. This area is a hot new spot for innovative wineries in Napa Valley. Spelletich is proud to have opened their first tasting room at the new facility and offers wines from each of the four brands for tasting.

Barbara Spelletich - Winemaker