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A new French-inspired family winery in Sonoma County, Sosie Wines are crafted with an Old World winemaking approach, highlighting the unique expressions of the vineyard and the vintage.

For the past two decades, the husband and wife team of Scott and Regina MacFiggen have spent all their trips abroad in France, literally devouring every important French wine growing region. “We were working for the same company when we first met and immediately discovered we were both into wine,” declared Scott MacFiggen. “That factor developed into a sort of passion that has truly affected our lives. Regina is from Brazil and her father actually imported French wine as a business. She is fluent in French and that has helped us immensely. We both decided that our trips to France would be oriented toward the French wine regions to increase our understanding and appreciation for Europe’s finest producer of wines.”

As the MacFiggens’ interest in wine grew, they both realized that the day would come when they would put their wine knowledge to good use. Their dream was realized in 2015 when they released their first wines under the label of Sosie Wines. For the record, Sosie is French for twin, or possibly spitting image. The name Sosie expresses the couple’s respect and fondness for France and French wine in particular. “We felt a strong kinship to French wines and many of the producers and winemakers we met on our trips to France,” added Scott MacFiggen. “We decided to employ the same winemaking techniques that we found in France. French wines are incredibly food-friendly and meant to be enjoyed with meals that usually last for hours. These techniques are considered Old World and have been proven to be viable over the past few centuries.”

When the decision was made to enter the wine producing arena, the MacFiggens decided on Sonoma in Northern California as a base for their new winery. They also made an important decision regarding the fruit they would use for their new venture. “There is a great deal of fine fruit available in our part of Northern California (mostly Sonoma County and Napa Valley) and we didn’t want to be tied down to any growers for an extended time. We utilize the spot market and renew our contracts every year. So far, the decision has proven to be a Godsend for us and the medals and scores our wines have received tend to prove us right,” pointed out Scott MacFiggen.

Sosie Wines uses the fruit of three proven vineyards each year and supplements that fruit with grapes from several additional vineyards.

As far as style is concerned, Sosie Wines tends to utilize the fruit-forward aspect of California wines, but not to excess. “Our wines are fruit-forward because of California’s climate,” he explained. “But, the Old-World techniques we employ in our winemaking make our wines French-style.” Scott MacFiggen serves as winemaker for Sosie Wines, but employs Kieran Robinson as a consultant. Robinson has an extensive resume in winemaking, including a stint with noted French producer Domaine Pierre Gaillard. California credits include Napa Valley’s Cakebread Cellars and Calistoga’s Jericho Canyon Vineyard. Robinson owns Kieran Robinson Wines and specializes in Rhône varietal wines, the mainstays of Sosie Wines.

Sosie Wines first saw the light of day in 2015 with a total production of around 600 cases. That figure has grown in the past half-decade to around 1,100 cases. A goal of 3,000 cases seems to work well into Scott MacFiggen’s future. “We set up our winery to make small lots of wine and want to continue doing so. But, there’s economy of scale to consider, and the 3,000- case level makes perfect sense to Regina and me.”

The Sosie label is a tribute to both France and California. The coq is France’s national symbol, as is the great Golden Bear of the State of California. The coq sits admirably on the bear’s back as a symbol of the two merged worlds of wine.

Scott MacFiggen sums it all up thusly. “When we started this project, we knew we could do a good job with it. Our passion for wine made us want to learn more about wine by actually producing it. You could say that Sosie Wines is a side effect of our passion for the almighty grape and you would be quite correct.”

Both Regina and Scott MacFiggen are devoted members of the California wine community and thankful of their company’s initial successes. Sosie Wines provides a unique opportunity to enjoy outstanding California wines that employ a French flair in their making.

It is our pleasure to introduce Sosie Wines to our Platinum Wine of the Month Club members.

Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

We are delighted to introduce you to Sosie’s 2017 Roussanne! For those of you who may not know the grape, it originates from the Rhône Valley in France, where it’s widely planted. But, it’s a difficult grape to grow, which may explain why there are only 400 acres of it in California.

Roussanne can bring a lot to a wine: aromas of almond and acacia and flavors of stone fruit - white peach, apricot - as well as a hint of citrus. In order to obtain all these aromas and flavors, we employ an Old World approach to making the wine, starting with meticulous fruit selection and harvesting decisions, then stomping the grapes (Yes!) to give the juice a little more contact with the skins before pressing.

Sosie (pronounced So-Zee) means “twin” or “look alike” in French. The name reflects our ambition to produce wines in an Old World style: food friendly and well balanced between acid and fruit. You guessed correctly, the bear and rooster on our logo symbolize California and France. We craft our wines adding as little as possible besides the best grapes we can find, and we designed our labels to be informative, reflecting our commitment to transparency.

We like to call the Roussanne our Goldilocks wine because it sits somewhere between the minerality of Sauvignon Blanc and the richness of Chardonnay. It’s just right.


Scott MacFiggen
Owner/Winemaker, Sosie Wines