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While still in its infancy, Hanaiali’i has been hugely successful

A small but celebrated wine company in Napa Valley, California, Smith Devereux draws on over sixty years of combined family farming and winemaking experience to produce sustainably farmed, limited production, award-winning wines. The three founders, Ian Devereux White, Steve Smith, and John Anthony Truchard, farm and source the highest quality fruit possible from both Napa Valley and the Russian River Valley to craft the wines for each of their four partnership wine brands: Smith Devereux, Hanaiali’, Weather, and Dennen. Since the first release in 2015, Smith Devereux has received incredible critical acclaim from sommeliers, wine critics, the media, and consumers alike.

The team at Smith Devereux is consumed with talent and wine industry experience, which explains its fast success. Ian Devereux White began his wine career as the Wine Country Director for 7x7 Magazine and has since developed marketing campaigns for over 200 wineries. He now holds the position of Wine Director for Modern Luxury’s San Francisco Magazine and is actively involved in the Napa Valley wine community. Steve Smith came to Smith Devereux from the music business, spending nearly twenty years focusing on artist management and brand development. He has recently used this experience to help artists break into the wine industry (for example, Amy Hanaiali’i with this month’s featured wine!). The third partner, John Anthony Truchard, grew up in an acclaimed grape growing family. John has experienced all stages of vineyard development and today owns multiple successful winery brands and manages his own family vineyards.

This month’s featured Plus! wine comes from Hanaiali’i, which was formed with Hawaiian singer-songwriter, Amy Hanaiali’i. Aside from her success as a recording artist (she is Hawaii’s top selling female vocalist of all time), Amy is deeply passionate about the wine business. Amy has been involved in the brand development and winemaking for Hanaiali’i from the start and even selected the unique logo that graces each of her bottles. The design is a reproduction of a tattoo she has on her left forearm that pays tribute to her family lineage and Hawaiian roots on the island of Molokai.

While still in its infancy, Hanaiali’i has been hugely successful. We look forward to the brand’s continued growth and are delighted to help Amy spread Aloha around the world.

Featured Wines


2015 Chardonnay
90 Points
$25.00 $21.00 x 2


2015 Merlot
94 Points
$35.00 $28.00 x 1

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Amy Hanaiali’i - Hawaiian Singer-Songwriter