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"We wanted our winery to signify boldness and American standards..."

There aren’t many professional musicians who would leave the music scene and venture into the wine industry, but Smith Devereux Winery co-founder Ian Devereux White is definitely the exception to the norm. One minor point, however, is that White still plays with his band, High Noon, while fulfilling his role as the main mover of the Napa Valley-based producer of ultra-premium wines.

Smith Devereux (formerly J.W. Thomas Wines) is the compilation of more than sixty years of winery experience brought together by its three owners. In addition to White, Steve Smith and John Truchard share the ownership of Smith Devereux. Smith is another former music industry veteran, while Truchard is the son of iconic Carneros growers and vintners Tony and JoAnn Truchard.

Ian White grew up in the Bay Area of California and often accompanied his parents up to Napa Valley for wine tastings. It was a significant part of his upbringing and it most certainly aided his appreciation for wines and winemaking. At one point, he met a girl from Napa Valley and they eventually got married. That cemented the fact for Smith that he was definitely intended to be in the wine business.

White and Smith teamed up when Smith was a partner in J.W. Thomas Wines and the two found mutual interests in wine and music. Then, White discovered that John Truchard had several wine brands with which he was involved and was also farming some fifty different vineyards. He learned that Truchard had some excess grapes to sell, and indicated an immediate interest. Rather than merely selling the grapes to White, Truchard suggested a partnership that ultimately led to Smith Devereux Winery.

The winery’s first release of a Red Blend in 2012 was an instant success and has propelled Smith Devereux to the ranks of elite Napa Valley wineries.

Ian White continues to maintain his relationship to music as well. The company’s tasting facility in Napa City is called ‘JaM Cellars,’ which is also a fully functional recording studio. His forte on the guitar is “a blend of R & R with a southern twang.” It is really high energy music, similar to the wines they produce that give great oomph to the palate. It is obvious to even the casual observer that Smith Devereux Wines and its owners are having an absolute ball while their winery project reaches fruition. The wine industry accolades and awards have also given the company a huge lift that seems to have increased with time.

Smith Devereux Wines’ continued success and its steps up the proverbial ladder will bear watching for years to come. It is a great pleasure to introduce our Platinum Plus! Wine Club members to Smith Devereux Winery and its incredibly expressive Cabernet Sauvignon. Enjoy!

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Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

My name is Ian Devereux White and I am the co-founder (along with my partners, Steve Smith and John Truchard) of Smith Devereux Wines. It is an honor to be featured by the Gold Medal Wine Club, who have been working with my family for more than 20 years. While our wines have gotten more than our fair share of high scores and Gold Medals, we strongly believe that it is the faith and commitment of our customers and extremely high-end wine clubs like this one, that are the true measure of a winery.

We are meticulous farmers with more than 60 years of combined winemaking experience in our families, and are very proud to bring you wines that could be priced at exclusionary levels due to their quality and scarcity. But that’s not who we are; we want everyone to be able to enjoy these rare, wonderful, sustainably-farmed wines.

Our Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a Limited Release, which means there are only 600 cases in existence, and comes from two of the most heralded and coveted vineyard locations in Napa Valley: Diamond Mountain and Howell Mountain. The blend is almost exactly 50% from each vineyard, which oppose each other almost exactly in the Valley. What this means is that half of the fruit gets morning sun and ripens slowly, while the other half is baked in the afternoon sun and ripens quickly. Blended together, you have the perfect balance of vineyards and fruit, aged in toasty French oak, which yields what we think is the perfect 100% Napa Valley Cabernet. Best news of all? You can cellar it and it will age beautifully, or drink it right now as it’s about as good as it gets.


Ian Devereux White
Smith Devereux Wines

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