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An outstanding inaugural release from a winery that will surely be a reputable winery brand for many years to come

Born and raised in Sweden, Kurt-Inge Eklund has been a professional photographer for most of his life with major clients including Volvo, Getinge Group, and SVT (Swedish National Television). As a photographer, he has traveled around the world, working throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, and his heart often led him to explore the great wine regions – his favorite being the Napa Valley. Living in Sweden, Kurt-Inge hadn’t been exposed to the incredible, high-end wines that Napa Valley had to offer and he was always amazed by the quality whenever he visited. After more than thirty years, and countless trips to Napa Valley to explore the food and wine scene, Kurt-Inge finally decided to make this remarkable wine region his home and embark on a new career as a vintner.

Kurt-Inge teamed up with winemaking friends May-Britt and Denis Malbec to create Shutter Wines, named to represent his career as a photographer - just as a camera ‘shutter’ can capture a special moment in time, opening a bottle of wine should be one of these special captured experiences as well. It was an easy decision for Kurt-Inge to seek out May-Britt and Denis Malbec, who not only were great friends, but also have an excellent reputation in California and have made several 100-Point wines over the years. Denis Malbec was born and raised at Château Latour in Bordeaux, France, and eventually became the winemaker for the prestigious estate. His wife, May-Britt, was originally a sommelier in Sweden and is the recipient of the Prince Henri-Melchior de Polignac Award. Since their arrival in Napa Valley in 2000, the couple has consulted for a handful of prestigious estates and their meticulous European winemaking style has earned them high praise and countless awards from the wine press. Their winemaking style fit perfectly with Kurt-Inge’s vision and desire to make California wines in the classic French winemaking style.

Shutter’s first two wines were a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley and a 2014 Sauvignon Blanc from Lake County (this month’s feature!). Just as Napa is well known for its Cabs, Lake County is an excellent wine growing region for Sauvignon Blanc and is becoming a hot spot for the varietal. Made in extremely limited quantities, these wines are very hard to find!

We hope you enjoy this inaugural release from Shutter Wines, the start to what surely will be a reputable winery brand for many years to come. Cheers!

May-Britt & Denis Malbec - Winemakers

Picture of May-Britt & Denis Malbec - Winemakers