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Every wine has received terrific press and high competition scores

Any winery advertising a really excellent view of San Francisco had better refer to the Rock Wall Wine Company located across San Francisco Bay in Alameda. Housed in a pair of ancient airplane hangars (the site was formerly the Alameda Naval Air Station), the new winery is the latest wine project of the prestigious Rosenblum family, former owners of Rosenblum Cellars (of Zinfandel and Rhône varietal fame) and also located in Alameda.

When Rosenblum Cellars was sold in February 2008, it was a gigantic 250,000-case entity. Owner Kent Rosemblum decided to start again on a much smaller scale and joined forces with his daughter Shauna to establish the Rock Wall Wine Company, a small family winery committed to limited production winemaking with grapes sourced from all over California. He brings over 35 years of winemaking experience to this new venture, and Shauna literally grew up in the cellar, working and learning all the facets of a winemaking business from an early age. When Rock Wall Wine Company opened in 2008, Shauna was caught up in the enthusiasm of the new project and worked every job possible around the new family winery. Today, she stands as the head winemaker and face of the company while her father works as CEO. Together, they are an unstoppable winemaking duo and their Rock Wall Wine Company has more than just a few awards to show for it.

The name Rock Wall, by the way, refers to the defensive perimeter wall built during World War II in the San Francisco Bay to protect the base from Japanese air to sea torpedoes. This wall is visible from the Alameda winery facility and has become a popular fishing location for local anglers looking for striped bass.

Since Rock Wall Wine Company’s first release in 2009, Kent and Shauna’s wines have garnered terrific press and high competition scores, making the relatively new winery one of the gems of Northern California’s boutique industry. We are thrilled to introduce this winery that’s all about having fun, while making the best wines from the best California regions and sharing the experience with others. Cheers!

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Dear Platinum Wine Club Members

I grew up a “cellar rat” in Alameda on the site of what would become my Dad, Kent Rosenblum’s, Zinfandel empire namesake, Rosenblum Cellars. Always hanging out with my winemaker parents, I was a precocious little sponge. By the age of 2, I was demanding to smell tank samples from other wineries I visited with my family. By the age of 3, I was helping Dad taste and check brix (sugar) levels in the grapes at our vineyard. By the age of 10, I was working on the bottling line, and helping in the cellar; and by the age of 15, I would sit in on blends done by Dad, and his assistant winemakers.

Dad and Mom always told me that I should do whatever I was passionate about, so I attended undergraduate and masters studies in ceramics and sculpture. During my ceramics degree, I had to take several semesters of chemistry, which felt very familiar and natural to me because I’d been involved in the application of it for my whole life at the winery. This was the “light bulb” that winemaking really was an amazing art, and that’s what I wanted to do.

In 2008, my family sold Rosenblum Cellars, and started Rock Wall Wine Company. Dad says that my enthusiasm for winemaking was apparent through the dedicated hours and love I put into Rock Wall’s first harvest. By the end of harvest, it was evident that not only was I in love with what I was doing, but I was a natural at it from my life-long installation of winemaking experience. At the end of that harvest, Dad named me Winemaker!

Since then, our wines have been garnering many Gold Medals, Double Gold Medals, Best of Shows, and even the accolade of “Best Zinfandel in California” from the California State Fair in Sacramento!

By the way, the “Best Zinfandel in California” is the Zinfandel Reserve you have in this shipment!

Cheers and a Prosperous New Year to All!

Shauna Rosenblum