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Legend has it that the wine produced on this special estate have always been held in high esteem.

A family-owned estate located just north of the coastal Portuguese capital of Lisbon, Quinta do Pinto was established in 2003 by fifth-generation agriculturist Antonio Cardoso Pinto. Nestled between the Montejunto Mountains and the River Tagus, Antonio fell in love with the idyllic property on his first visit and believed in its exceptional viticultural potential. Today, he works alongside his children, Rita, Ana, and Francisco, using traditional viticultural and winemaking techniques to produce some of the finest wines in the Alenquer-Lisbon winegrowing region.

The Pinto family’s 300-acre property is planted to over twenty different grape varieties that span across nearly 160 vineyard-acres. The varieties planted include mostly regional varietals such as Touriga Nacional, Arinto, Fernao, Pires, Tinta Miuda, and Aragonez, among others - the oldest of which are almost 50 years old. The vineyards are all sustainably farmed and beautifully surround a 17th century manor house that sits adjacent to a traditional Portuguese wine cellar, where the Quinta do Pinto wines are crafted.

Legend has it that the wine produced on this special estate have always been held in high esteem. Two centuries ago, the wine was regarded as very high quality and worth more “Pintos” - the old gold coin currency of the region - than any other local wines. Pinto was also the name of a charismatic foreman at the property, and by happy coincidence, is the surname of the current owners!

Since its inception, Quinta do Pinto has built a reputation for its distinctive quality and award-winning wines. The Pinto family believes in respecting the terroir of the land and using minimal intervention in the winery, following their philosophy that ‘the wine is made in the vineyard.’ They use only indigenous yeasts and ferment their wines in traditional concrete tanks. It is the Pinto family’s mission to produce wines that represent the best expression possible of the Alenquer-Lisbon region, and they are happy to share their Quinta do Pinto wines with our Wine Club members!

Region Spotlight: Lisbon, Portugal

Picture of Region Spotlight: Lisbon, Portugal

Located along Portugal’s Atlantic coastline, Lisboa (or Lisbon in English) is the home to the nation’s capital, Lisbon, and also to our featured winery, Quinta do Pinto. Lisbon is considered the heart and soul of the Portuguese winemaking industry, offering one of the most dynamic and varied winegrowing regions in the country. It is also Portugal’s largest producer of wine by volume.

A strip of land that runs from the capital northward along the coast, the Lisbon region produces grapes of premium quality - especially those grown in the sub-zones of Alenquer and Bucelas. A wide range of indigenous Portuguese grapes thrive in this region, in part due to natural geographical features like the Serra de Montejunto hills that shield Lisbon from the wet and cold winds of the nearby Atlantic Ocean. These hills help moderate the climate for the region’s winemakers and create a desirable setting for growing such famed varietals as Touriga Nacional and Arinto.