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"The combination of wine and meat solidifies our effort to blend the tasting and eating experience."

One usually refers to a porterhouse as an exceptionally fine cut of steak. That allusion is certainly the correct reference point to this month's Gold Plus! Wine Club selection, the Porterhouse 2015 Pinot Noir from Porterhouse Winery.

"Both my grandfather and great grandfather (William Comartin Jr. and Sr.) were butchers in Lodi, California," owner Adam Comartin recently recalled. "When I was young, I always hung around them and they told me that the finest steaks were always the porterhouses, so I wanted to honor them with the name of our winery."

Adam Comartin first fell in love with wine while backpacking through Europe as a teenager. When he returned home to California, he earned a degree in Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis. He and his wife Jennifer also ventured to Australia where they lived in the city of Adelaide outside the Barossa Valley for some time. It was here that Adam was introduced to the Grenache varietal and he made a decision to one day make the finest Grenache in the entire world. When the couple returned to California in 2004, Adam began a 10-year assistant winemaker career with Silicon Valley's Testarossa Winery, and with the Grenache varietal in the back of his mind, he discovered California's premier sites for the varietal. While at Testarossa, Adam honed his artistic side of winemaking and made valuable relationships with vineyard owners in Santa Barbara and along the Central Coast.

"While I was working at Testarossa in 2006, I actually started making small amounts of wine under the aegis of Comartin Cellars," explained Adam Comartin. "One of our most successful wines was our Porterhouse Reserve Blend. It became a hit with the drinking public and we decided to give it a name of its own."

The first release of Porterhouse Winery came in 2017, a smallish 684 cases of three exceptional wines. "The style of these wines, full-bodied, rich and tasteful, really resonated with everyone who tasted them," informed Comartin. "It was my specific intention to produce wines that would stand up to their namesake cut of meat and the incredible flavors it produced. They were intended as dinner wines from the inception."

Porterhouse Winery sources its grapes from top quality farmers with a variety of contracts. "We start with a one-year trial with the fruit and if it meets our specifications and needs, we generally wind up with 3-year contracts or longer," he went on.

Porterhouse Winery is a prime example of its owners' ability to realize a segment of its wine portfolio could be capable of individual status and the ability to grow itself into a topcaliber brand. We salute Adam and Jennifer Comartin for their insight in bringing Porterhouse Winery into the limelight of California's heralded wine community. We know our wine of the month club members will enjoy this month's top-rated selection. Cheers!

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Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

I grew up around my grandfather’s butcher shop they ran for 50 years, serving our neighborhood fine steaks and meats. My grandfathers would always tell me the Porterhouse cut was the finest. Once I pursued the winemaking business, with this in mind, we launched Porterhouse Winery with a vision to produce only the finest wines.

The 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon is from the slopes of Napa Valley and a combination of select vineyard sites. After extended elevage or aging for 40 months in French oak, we carefully blended the highest quality 10 barrels to produce only 234 cases.

Although this wine has enough structure to age to 2023 and beyond, it has been made with balance and finesse in mind, and is ready to drink now.

I hope you enjoy our Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon with a nice steak dinner and your favorite companions. Cheers!

Adam Comartin
Winemaker & President
Porterhouse Winery