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The wines are a great tribute to a wonderful family who continues to produce world-class wines

No single individual is more important to a wine growing region than Dr. Paul Cluver is to the Elgin Valley appellation. Acknowledged as a leading force as well as most accomplished grower, Cluver, a respected neurosurgeon, is also among South Africa’s most respected vintners.

Four generations of the Cluver Family are represented by today’s wines at the spacious De Rust Estate, property dating back to 1896,which was once an apple orchard. Paul Cluver IV is Paul Cluver Wines’ managing director, Liesl Cluver Rust is marketing manager, Inge Cluver Burger is financial manager and Karin Cluver is production manager. Inge’s husband, Andries Burger, is an Oenology graduate of Stellenbosch University and the actual winemaker for Paul Cluver Wines.

Dr. Cluver is also a champion of biodiversity projects. More than 1,000 hectares of the De Rust Estate are deeded as part of the Groelandberg Conversancy, a green space project of more than 34,000 hectares (almost 145,000 acres) that will keep the property in a pristine condition into perpetuity.

Paul Cluver Wines’ interest in outside projects is matched by its wine’s incredible results at the international level. The wines are a great tribute to a wonderful family that has involved itself in numerous outside projects while continuing to produce world-class wines.

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Elgin Valley

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One of the newest appellations within the Western Cape growing area is the picturesque Elgin Valley that is located south southeast of Capetown, and east of the much larger Stellenbosch Region. It is a rural and picturesque growing area located not far from the confines of Walker Bay. It is among South Africa’s coolest growing climates due to its proximity to the ocean and that fact makes Elgin Valley capable of producing truly great fruit in the Burgundian manner of France. The Elgin Valley Appellation is home to some twelve growers who are producing quality wines at a much higher level than was first expected.

The Elgin Valley is at higher elevation (some 400-500 meters) than Stellenbosch and is about three degrees cooler than its better known neighbor. It gets less rainfall than Stellenbosch and must be watered, much like practically all sections of Napa Valley. Since most of the wineries located in the Elgin Valley are contemporary, they rely on the latest growing techniques and features. Even though total planted acreage is still quite small with relation to other Western Cape wine growing regions, the Elgin Valley has nonetheless served notice that it will produce extremely high quality wines for the foreseeable future.