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David Parrish is firmly established as a top grower who supplies numerous Napa Valley and other top Northern California wineries.

To say that David Parrish has come full circle in the wine industry might be an understatement of sorts for the 71 year-old almost-native Californian. Parrish was actually born in Portland, Oregon but moved to California when he was nine months old.

His grandfather, Earl Henderson, was a pre-Prohibitionist vineyard planter of some 500 acres around the Atascadero area that started it all. Parrish was very close to his grandfather and helped him around the vineyards. From the age of 8 or 9, David Parrish was aware he would one day become involved in the business of growing grapes.

He attended UC Davis, graduating in 1974. At Davis, enology and viticulture classes consumed his imagination. He became close to Dr. Mark Kliewer, the eminent professor of viticulture and innovator at the school whose specialty was trellis development and vine improvement.

“It was an incredible time for Napa Valley,” Parrish recalled. “California wines had just won the Spurrier Paris Wine Competition and Napa Valley wines were a hot item. Problem was that their vineyards were old, the spacing was incorrect and proper trellising was almost never utilized. Dr. Kliewer developed a new aspect of trellising and caught the attention of Robert Mondavi and other influential Napa Valley growers.”

For the next two decades, David Parrish spent his time in Napa Valley by forming his own company that modernized the idea of correct trellis usage.

But, by 1995, his longing for his early roots called him back to the Central Coast and the splendid seaside town of Paso Robles.

“By that time, my grandfather’s land had been completely developed and even had a Starbucks on it,” he continued. “So, I looked around and found a great spot located on Paso’s eastern side that included around 160 acres that seemed perfect for planting. I started with some 40 acres that I primarily planted with Cabernet Sauvignon. I was fortunate to have a six-year contract for my grapes with the iconic Conn Creek Winery in Napa Valley and everything worked out quite nicely.”

Fast forward another dozen years and David Parrish is firmly established as a top grower who supplies numerous Napa Valley and other top Northern California wineries.

“At one point, someone made a wine for me out of some of our fruit that was nice, but wasn’t really that great,” Parrish insighted. “My older brother Daniel and I decided to form a partnership and I would make the wines using my previous experience and contacts.”

The rest, as the saying provides, is history. Parrish and his Parrish Family Vineyard wines were immediately acclaimed by wine industry periodicals and attained impressive scores and medals in competitions.

Their first release of but 150 cases occurred in 2007 and Parrish Family Vineyard has grown expeditiously since that time. “We will bottle around 3,500 cases this year of which most is estate grown. Our license allows us to reach 15,000 cases, but I feel that somewhere around 10,000 cases is best for us. We are growing at around 35% each year and I am totally comfortable with that expansion.”

Parrish also attributes the incredible winery experience his Paso Robles location provides for his winery’s success. His daughter, Cecily Parrish Ray, is the company’s Culinary Director along with her husband Ethan who serves as her assistant. The winery is a destination highlight for anyone in or near the vicinity of Paso Robles or the Central Coast and offers keen insight into wine and food pairings and the world of food and wine.

Parrish Family Vineyard has continued to be a top producer of fruit and sells to a number of topquality wineries in various parts of California. “We sell almost 80% of our grapes to the likes of Justin, Booker Vineyard, and Edna Valley Vineyard, to name a few of our customers,” added David Parrish. “We have been very fortunate that our vineyards have performed as they do.”

David Parrish continues to be the innovator and recently developed what he terms a “shade cloth” that is used whenever a vine suffers irregular heat factors. His idea might sound simple, but he is the one who developed the concept and his shade cloth is now in use by numerous growers throughout California.

We are delighted to offer this remarkable 2017 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Parrish Family Vineyard. It is a wonderful example of estate growing and winemaking that will make an excellent addition to your Platinum Wine Club cellar. Enjoy!

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