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Working with highly regarded vineyards and a veteran winemaking team, the Parmeson family follows a winemaking dream to the heart of Sonoma's wine country.

Have you ever had one of those epiphany moments? When it happens to you, you'll know. When it happened to Tom Parmeson in 2005, he was visiting a winery tasting room in California. He left the tasting and walked out to the vineyard and thought to himself, "Why am I not doing this?" In this moment, Tom knew he wanted to be a winemaker, to work outside, and to embrace the lifestyle that wine country offers. It was just the beginning of his journey into the wine industry and to establishing his boutique, award-winning Sonoma County family winery, Parmeson Wines.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Tom Parmeson previously worked in software development for an oil and gas exploration service company. He spent fifteen years in various roles overseeing platform and data management technologies and had a very successful career - the problem was, it just wasn't fulfilling and Tom wanted more out of life. He became obsessed with the idea of turning his winemaker dreams into a reality and started researching and taking viticulture and enology classes through Washington State, UC Davis, and Grayson College in Texas. Still fully employed, Tom would save up his vacation days to work harvests in California to absorb as much as he could. It was the hardest he had worked, and the happiest he had been in years.

By 2013, Tom decided it was time to get serious about changing careers and joining the wine industry, so he quit his job and moved his wife Katie and their three sons from Texas to California where they settled in the Sonoma County town of Healdsburg. It was a bold, brand new adventure that the Parmeson family would embark on together.

While working the wine grape harvests, Tom had made several invaluable connections and was able to secure amazing fruit for Parmeson Wines' first vintage in 2013. He has since added more vineyard sites and winegrowers to his limited portfolio, each selected with the utmost care and with the goal of achieving his desired style for Parmeson Wines (elegant, refined wines that allow the unique terroir characteristics to come through). For Tom, it is also important that the wines pair well with food. He finds that by focusing on 'cool climate' vineyard locations, such as the Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast, the wines will have nice acidity and pair perfectly with food - they are also delicious on their own!

Tom works closely with two consulting winemakers, Clay Mauritson (Kenwood, Taft Street, Dry Creek, and Mauritson) and Emma Kudritzki Hall (MacRostie and Mauritson) to craft the Parmeson wines. The team effort and their dedication to a 'hands off' approach has already resulted in countless awards and ratings. We expect a very bright future for this rising star winery. Cheers!

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Tom Parmeson - Owner & Winemaker

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