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"There is absolutely no substitute for the best fruit. Great wine cannot be made from inferior fruit."

Southern California native John W. Parker III is the vintner and proprietor behind Parker Wine, one of Santa Barbara County's most boutique wineries that focuses on crafting single-vineyard wines from premier vineyard sites on California's Central Coast. Parker's wines are made in extremely limited quantities and tend to fly under the radar, but with the recent press and accolades these wines are earning, it is safe to say the secret will be out in no time.

John W. Parker III may have started out in high tech sales, but he has always been interested in wine and it became a serious hobby of his following college. He even started a wine group with friends, which they called 'Vinos Locos,' and they would periodically get together to taste wines, study various varietals or regions, and test their palates with different winemaking techniques and oak treatments. Parker also made wine in his garage, just enough to share with friends and family. It was Parker's wife who ultimately suggested that he follow this passion of his and find a more suitable career that would allow him to explore it.

With a background in sales, it was natural for Parker to first pursue a position in distributor wine sales. He initially found a position with Henry Wine Group, and then settled at Treasury Wine Estates where he worked for several years. During his time there, Parker was exposed to hundreds of well-known, high-end wineries and winemakers and he thoroughly enjoyed learning the history behind these incredible estates and wines. The experience led him to earn his WSET Level 2 Sommelier certification, which really solidified his career path.

In 2012, Parker left the sales side of the industry and established Parker Wine on California's Central Coast. With his WSET Level 2 Sommelier certification, Parker had tasted thousands of wines and knew exactly what he wanted to make - single vineyard varietals with minimal intervention, which would allow the fruit to shine through. He sources his grapes from high quality, unique vineyard sites in Santa Barbara County (with the exception of a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon when the opportunity is right). As any good vintner would agree, Parker states, "There is absolutely no substitute for the best fruit. Great wine cannot be made from inferior fruit."

We are delighted to share this award-winning Parker Roussanne with our Gold Plus! Wine Club members. Enjoy!