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San Luis Obispo County

A goal to create an enchanting sensory experience through a special blend of passion, hard work, vision, and of course, Mother Earth

Founded in 2015 by a pair of rock-climbing, adventure-seeking, outdoor enthusiasts, Outward Wines is a passion project in which Ryan Pace and Natalie Siddique craft tiny amounts of wine from the unique vineyards of California’s Central Coast. In both rock climbing and winemaking, they strive to find the subtle balance between boldness and risk, and with their newest adventure of Outward Wines, it is their goal to create an enchanting sensory experience through a special blend of passion, hard work, vision, and of course, Mother Earth.

Ryan and Natalie first met through rock climbing several years ago, and before long, their adventures on and off the mountains became inextricably tied to the exploration of the world’s diverse wine regions and approaches to winemaking. Ryan had grown up around wine and earned his degree in Wine and Viticulture from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. He was the assistant winemaker for his family’s Pace Family Wines label for some time, and through the years, worked over fourteen harvests across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Chile, Napa Valley, and at home on the Central Coast. He is currently the associate winemaker at Byron Winery in the Santa Maria Valley. Natalie Siddique, Ryan’s girlfriend, has worked at Paul Lato Wines and also assisted with Pace Family Wines. She is currently the brains behind Moja Gear, a website for all things rock climbing that helps fellow climbers connect with their community and obtain information about gear and routes.

When circumstances led to the closing of Pace Family Wines, Ryan and Natalie saw it as an opportunity to pay homage to the family tradition by carrying on the family vineyard and winemaking legacy. Together, they started a new winemaking journey and brand with Outward Wines and crafted their first wine in 2015 - a Syrah from the Kimsey Vineyard in Santa Barbara County’s Ballard Canyon. They chose the name ‘Outward’ to convey their passion for adventures in the outdoors and their aim to express the unique vineyards of the Central Coast that they call home.

We hope you and our Garagiste Wine Club members enjoy this wonderful release from Outward Wines, and as preferred by Ryan and Natalie, please enjoy this bottling paired with a big, beautiful day in the mountains. Cheers!

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