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This wine is on the cutting edge of adventuresome products and worthy of any true oenophile’s attention and admiration.

The words otra vez mean once again in Spanish and it just happens to be the name of this Platinum Wine Club selection. Otra Vez Winery was founded in 2013 by Vincent Arroyo, a grower and vintner that has been around the Napa Valley for close unto fifty years. He also owns Vincent Arroyo Winery, but Otra Vez Winery is his new darling and from all appearances, his newest success in the wine industry.

Now in his mid-70’s, Vincent Arroyo had specific plans for his new winery. Otra Vez Winery only produces a single wine each year, sourced from two vineyards Arroyo knows like the palm of his hand. Rattlesnake Acres (you read the name correctly) is a hilly vineyard that Arroyo has farmed for more than three decades and produces some of the finest fruit found within the Calistoga AVA. The other vineyard is the Collins Vineyard that just happens to border the Vincent Arroyo Winery property.

“These are two great grape sources,” confessed Arroyo. “I always wanted to put the fruit together and make a wine out of them. I knew the resulting wine would be a success; both vineyards have great pedigrees.”

Vincent Arroyo definitely knows about which he speaks. He started in the business back in 1973 after a colleague mentioned an ad for some property that was available in Calistoga, not exactly a wine byword or destination at that time. He eventually purchased that property (the Greenwood Ranch) and spent several years learning about grape farming and obtaining high yields from specific sites around the Calistoga area. He commuted from his home in Sunnyvale (where he held a job as a mechanical engineer) to Calistoga (some 112 or more miles away) for several years and eventually took his grapes to the Napa Valley Co-op where he was at the mercy of large wineries who exploited the smaller growers to their own ends.

He finally obtained a winery permit and built his own operation in an old redwood barn that stood on his property. A late harvest fire in 1989 destroyed much of the barn as well as wine that was being stored inside the building.

But Vincent Arroyo was undeterred and built the present-day winery and tasting facility on the same property. He also added a number of small parcels of land that he quickly converted to top quality producing vineyards. Today he owns some 75 acres in Napa Valley of which 65 are planted to vine.

The unique formula Arroyo uses for selecting each vintage of Otra Vez Winery depends on Arroyo’s determination of which grapes will make the best combination for that particular year. It’s a formula that has worked successfully over the past half decade. His single annum editions have garnered numerous awards and accolades in the highly competitive Napa Valley wine arena.

The Otra Vez Winery label is simplistic and informative at the same time. The label reflects a crest that depicts the four different aspects of Vincent Arroyo’s life that he is most passionate about; dogs, grapevines, olive trees and a triangle denoting his former career as a mechanical engineer.

The marketing method Vincent Arroyo employs for his Otra Vez Winery is also somewhat unique. He utilizes a large mailing list (compiled over his many years in the wine business) and minute distribution in both the Napa Valley itself and the San Francisco Bay Area. A few restaurants feature Otra Vez Cabernet Sauvignons including Press in Napa City and Ad Hoc Restaurant (part of Chef Thomas Keller’s famous restaurant group) in nearby Yountville.

It is almost amazing that Vincent Arroyo has accomplished what he set out to do with Otra Vez Winery. Many wine insiders scoffed at the idea of a winery featuring a single wine each year could become a success, but Vincent Arroyo and Otra Vez Winery have made believers of everyone. It is even more important when you consider how many vintners have tried new and auspicious ideas in the wine business, but have failed in their efforts.

It is an honor and privilege that we introduce this amazing Cabernet Sauvignon to our Platinum Wine Club Members. This wine is on the cutting edge of adventuresome products and worthy of any true oenophile’s attention and admiration. We know you will truly enjoy the experience of tasting this finely conceived and produced Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Dear Platinum Wine Club Members

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members

Reading the paper one morning I saw an ad that piqued my interest. On a whim, I left my career as a mechanical engineer in Silicon Valley, and ventured into the wine business, not even knowing where Calistoga was. Early in 1974 I purchased 23 acres on Greenwood Avenue in Calistoga, which is the Northern most tip of Napa Valley.

I immediately felt at home taking care of the land. Quickly learning from my neighbors, we began the transformation of Greenwood Ranch by ripping out old, unhealthy vines as well as plum tree orchards used for the prune industry. In their place we planted Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

I released my first vintage in 1984. At that time there were about 130 wineries here and I sold the bulk of my Estate fruit to other producers. Today I oversee 85 acres of vineyards and have been happy to see the Vincent Arroyo Winery take root.

We introduce the Otra Vez label, meaning ‘once again’ in Spanish. The vineyards are dry-farmed, which creates lower yields but intensifies the quality and flavor of the mature fruit. We age our Cabernet Sauvignon in French oak barrels which enhances the unique expression of each bottle of wine. Our hand-crafted winemaking style and my philosophy of “take what you have and do the best that you can with it” has one again produced an incredible vintage.

I am pleased to have you try our 2015 Otra Vez Cabernet Sauvignon...Enjoy!

Best Wishes,

Vincent, Owner & Winemaker
Otra Vez Winery