Niner Wine

Paso Robles AVA

Gold Series Plus Selection - Double Gold Medal, Best of California, and Best of Class - 4 more Gold Medals and 7 Silver Medals

In 2001, Dick and Pam Niner purchased a 224 acre property on Highway 46 East, just outside of Paso Robles, California, known as Bootjack Ranch. The ranch had seven varietals planted on 54 acres that became the foundation of Niner Wine Estates. Dick Niner realized his need for a first-rate viticulturist and contracted one of the region’s most distinguished winegrowers, Jim Smoot, to develop the property. Soon thereafter, veteran vineyard manager, Jerry Grant, was hired to manage the day-to-day activities. Under their combined leadership and constant attention, Jim Smoot and Jerry Grant developed an additional 96 acres of vineyards on Bootjack Ranch Paso Robles AVA. Legendary winemaker Chuck Ortman, of Meridian Winery fame, consulted with Niner to bring in the first vintage in 2003. A year later, Amanda Cramer brought her International winemaking skills to the team and became the resident winemaker for Niner Wine Estates. Dick and Pam Niner also purchased the Heart Hill property on the west end of the Paso Robles AVA in 2003. Together they represent over 360 acres, of which 125 are now planted to 11 varietals. The Niner’s plan is to construct an elegant stone barn tasting room, a state-of-the-art gravity flow winery, and plant another 58 acres of vineyards. The grand opening for the new facility is tentatively planned for the summer of 2008.

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