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Focusing on producing small lots of Napa Valley wines

As a boy growing up in Europe, traveling by train was one of Peter Huwiler’s favorite pleasures. From the mountain passes and green valleys, to the pastures and small family vineyards, Peter found a solace being pulled by the powerful locomotives. Today, Peter owns and manages Napa Station, a small St. Helena winery with a spur track alongside the cellar. He couldn’t help but be reminded of his travels as a young boy. The name of the winery also pays tribute to the early days in America’s wine legacy when Napa Valley wine was transported across our nation by rail. Each Napa Station bottling is made in remembrance of the great American heritage of Napa Valley wines.

Peter Huwiler was born in Switzerland, and also lived in Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand before falling in love with America’s west coast, specifically Napa Valley. He had been working in the hotel and restaurant industry and successfully launched a thriving group of restaurants before segueing into the wine business. Peter found opportunities at Washington’s Stimson Lane Winery (now Ste. Michelle Wine Estates) and Kendall-Jackson before serving as CEO for Napa’s Merryvale Vineyards for 11 years. With the help of his son, Peter Huwiler II, and winemaker Faith-Armstrong-Foster, he established Napa Station and released his first wine in 2006.

Napa Station’s focus is to produce small lots of Napa Valley wines from grapes grown exclusively in sustainably farmed vineyards. Keeping the land, vineyards and winery healthy for many generations to come is very important to Peter and his team, and together they’re bringing a dream of building a sustainable future to life.