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Kevin hand-picks only tiny vineyards that truly specialize in their craft and produce exceptional grapes

Montage Russe is a small-batch production winery that got its start in a little Napa Valley garage in 2006. The winery now sources fruit from several growers in the cooler California regions, especially those in the Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley, and the wines are starting to earn some serious attention. Kevin Bersofsky is the owner/winemaker behind the brand, and his journey into the wine business was anything but expected.

Born in Syracuse, New York and raised in Rockville, Maryland, Kevin Bersofsky was first introduced to wine as an undergraduate student at Cornell. He took a course on wine (thanks to Cornell having one of the world’s best hotel administration programs) and was immediately drawn to the fascinating intricacies of growing, producing, and tasting. Kevin finished his studies and started his career as a mechanical engineer. He then worked for a large consulting firm that involved a lot of travel, and still not feeling inspired, started attending culinary school on the weekends as he had loved cooking since he was a child. Shortly after 9/11, Kevin decided to follow his passion and started working as a line cook at a number of Los Angeles restaurants. One day, he got a call asking if he wanted to work in production for a Napa Valley winery, and little did he know that decision would change his life forever. Now in Napa Valley, Kevin rallied some friends together to buy some fruit, which they crushed and fermented in his garage. The rest was history - a few years later Montagne Russe was born.

The name of Kevin’s winery, ‘Montagne Russe,’ literally translates to “Russian Mountains,” but the term in French means roller coasters. It is a fitting name as Kevin once designed roller coasters as an engineering undergraduate, but it is also a reminder to enjoy the ride - both hands in the air - with all of the thrilling up’s and down’s of winemaking.

For the Montagne Russe wines, Kevin hand-picks only tiny vineyards that truly specialize in their craft and produce exceptional grapes, exclusively within California’s cool climate regions like Sonoma Coast, Russian River Valley and Mendocino. The first official vintage for Montagne Russe was 2015 and it was met with rave reviews. We are proud to feature this shining-star newcomer to our Garagiste Wine Club members and applaud the roller coaster ride Kevin himself took to pursue his passion and partake on this promising new adventure.

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