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Featured on some of the finest wine lists in the United States

Located in the eastern hills of Napa Valley, the Montagna Estate is situated on Pritchard Hill, perched at the edge of the Vaca Mountain Range on some of the Valley’s most highly regarded terroir.

This relatively new winery may have released its first wine in 2006, but its roots date back to the 1960’s when Bob Long’s pioneering parents purchased nearly 1,000 acres in the then rugged, and barely developed, area that was almost exclusively used for ranching and cattle grazing. The fertile land was slowly recognized for its wine grape growing potential, and today houses such prestigious estates as Chappellet, Continuum, Bryant Family, and our own featured Plus! winery, Montagna Napa Valley.

In 2000, the Montagna vineyards (Montagna means “mountain” in Italian) were planted at 1,150 feet in elevation on the Long family’s Pritchard Hill estate and in 2003, Bob Long and winemaker Nile Zacherle began making wines from the maturing vines. They paid close attention to quality and vineyard management practices and were confident that the 2006 vintage marked the perfect start for Montagna Napa Valley.

Today, Montagna Napa Valley manages four highly esteemed Pritchard Hill vineyards and its premium estate wines are featured on some of the finest wine lists in the United States.