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Napa Valley’s Moffett Vineyards was founded in 2005 by Trent Moffett and has become one of the top boutique wineries in the storied valley and the entirety of Northern California. Trent Moffett is the stepson of long time Napa vintner and grower John Livingston (an ex-petroleum engineer and geologist, and founder of Livingston Vineyards) who has operated successful vineyard and winery operations since the mid 1970’s in Napa Valley. Trent grew up around the winery business and after graduating college in 1991, he immediately went to work for the family winery and started getting serious about his own involvement in the industry.

In 1993, Trent began dabbling with several new wine entities, including a number of separate brands to address different aspects of the wine business.

One of these included the H.W. Helms brand, named after the original winemakers who had owned his family’s land in the 1860’s (these wines are still popular and now made under the name C&T Cellars, named after Trent and his wife Colleen).

This process proved to be great preparation for Trent’s introduction of Moffett Vineyards in 2005, which included a release of 800 cases and spectacular reviews from both consumers and the wine press.

The fruit for Moffett Vineyards’ wines come from the winery’s small 3 ½ acre parcel on Howell Mountain (considered among the finest appellations in Napa Valley), in addition to various other sites in Howell Mountain, St. Helena, Oak Knoll, and even Childs Valley. Trent is interested in some of the subtleties that can be found in different appellations with their varying and diverse soil types, and by blending these various grapes together, Trent has made some very interesting wines for the Moffett Vineyards portfolio. Consulting winemaker Jennifer Rue has offered her talents to Moffett Vineyards since 2007 and brings with her a holistic winemaking philosophy and scientific approach.

Today, Trent Moffett is having the time of his life growing the Moffett Vineyards brand, in addition to two other labels he oversees, Screenplay Wines and C&T Cellars. His breadth of knowledge and passion for winemaking show through in the craftsmanship of each bottle and we can only expect more great things and excellent wines in the future.

Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

Thirty-five years ago, my family moved to the Rutherford Appellation of the Napa Valley and it didn’t take long until my parents found themselves in the industry producing their own wine. Growing up in the vineyards and on a winery, wine has been in my blood most of my life. In college, I was running tasting groups and planning wine excursions for up to thirty-five people (a full bus load, leaving a few seats for beer and wine, of course). By the time I graduated from college I had already worked at two different wineries and was excited to get into the family business. I joined my parents four days after graduation and jumped into the cellar at Livingston Moffett Wines.

In 2005 I decided to start up my own brand called Moffett Vineyards working with little undiscovered gems that I have found around the valley. I still run my parents’ labels, but have really enjoyed the development of my own label. The 2006 Moffett Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon comes from two very unique vineyards. The first is on Howell Mountain at approximately 2100 feet elevation – this vineyard is just shy of 2 acres and produces some of the finest small berry Cabernet I’ve ever worked with. The second vineyard is in St. Helena and could be the rockiest site in the appellation. These stressed out vines bring a nice core structure to the wine.

With 442 cases made, this well-balanced expression of Cabernet Sauvignon has brought much attention to my new label and opened some new doors like the Gold Medal Wine Club. Enjoy the wine and remember: “the pleasure is all wine!”


Trent Moffett
Owner / Winemaker