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Making the best wine possible with a humble approach and desire to over deliver at every stage

A number of professional athletes create trusts or foundations during their playing or retirement careers to ensure their success off the field in life after their sporting careers are finished. Many are charitable endeavors and have provided funds to various benevolent needs.

Such is the case with this Platinum Wine Club selection from the Mirror Wine Company. Former Notre Dame and professional NFL quarterback Rich Mirer went a step further when he developed this month’s wine, the Mirror Cabernet Sauvignon, Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley.

Mirer admitted that his interest in wine began when he traveled along the California Coast during the early to mid-1990’s. “I played two years for the San Francisco Forty-Niners and two years for the Oakland Raiders,” he explained. “I had been around wine for a while but the fact that the Raiders had their training camp in Napa Valley really made the difference. I had never been in Napa for more than a day or two, not to mention three weeks. When we broke camp, I knew I was hooked for good.”

In 2008, Rick Mirer saw his dream come true. With the help of noted Napa Valley winemaker Rob Lawson, the Mirror Wine Company released its first 500 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon. Mirror Wine Company was an instant success due to the efforts of Lawson (Pavi Wines), a third generation family member of the California wine industry. Lawson feels the wine he produces for Mirror Wine Company is his flagship wine that has brought him numerous accolades and awards.

About the name Mirror Wine Company. “Despite its closeness in pronunciation to my name, the term signifies the two principle vineyards in Napa Valley that provided the fruit for our first wines,” added Mirer. “The western half of the two is just off Hwy 29 and the eastern half is perched above the Silverado Trail. The two tend to mirror each other in many ways. We wanted a name that would be novel and meaningful at the same time.”

Rick Mirer is as passionate about the wine business as he was about the game of football. He travels from his home base in San Diego to the Napa Valley 10-15 times a year. The production of Mirror Wine Company has grown to just under 2,000 cases and additional varietals have been added to the company’s portfolio. But the main emphasis of the operation continues to be the Mirer Family Foundation.

Over the years, the foundation has continued to grow with the help of various wine promotions. “It is our aim to help children’s charities tied to health and education, and our reach is expanding every day,” Mirer clarified. “Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been donated to various charities because of the efforts of our ‘Team’ members.”

Mirer and his family could have moved to Napa Valley but the ex-star quarterback chose to live in San Diego. “One of the main reasons is that I truly get a great feeling and appreciation as I drive up the Napa Valley. If I lived and worked there, it would be different - the appreciation would be dissimilar. We have assembled a great staff at Mirror Wine Company and we have been fortunate to be able to produce wines at the highest level since our inception in 2008,” he clarified.” We have sold out of all our wines since we began operations.”

All of Mirror Wine Company’s wines are produced at the Napa Wine Company in Oakville. Wines may be tasted at the Oakville Cross location with the help of a talented staff.

Mirer plans to keep the Mirror Wine Company small, at least for the time being. He senses that consumers are keenly interested in discovering new wines and wineries. “It is all part of the ambiance of Napa Valley,” Mirer finalized. “People love the romance of the grape and all that it encompasses. The pure physical beauty of the valley was what drew my wife Stephanie and me to consider our winery project in the first place.”

Rick Mirer’s approach to the wine industry is similar to his style in football. He wants to make the best wines possible with a humble approach and a desire to over deliver at every stage. Mirer wants to forget the hype, the glitzy style and the exaggerated price. He intends to do something spectacular, yet subtle.

Rick Mirer and the Mirror Wine Company have delivered on their undertaking at every turn and the wine world, as well as numerous charities, is the beneficiary.

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Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

At the University of Notre Dame, I led the Fighting Irish for three seasons as the starting quarterback. During my 12-year career in the NFL, my wife Stephanie and I developed an affinity for wine as we were drawn to small production wines that involved interesting people and were often times difficult to acquire. This affinity to discover “cult” Napa Cabernets evolved into a true passion as we met more people and learned more about the process. After retiring from the NFL in 2005, I began my second career and founded the Mirror Wine Company in late 2008. The journey, the challenge, and the competition all remind me of competing on the football field.

The Mirror story begins with our two original Cabernet vineyards in St. Helena. These two sources of Cabernet literally “mirror” each other across the Napa Valley. The western half is just above Highway 29 and the eastern half is perched above the Silverado Trail. The combination of these great fruit sources helped launch our brand and other varietals followed. The 2013 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon you are receiving from us represents a true artisanal Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and we are excited to share it with you.

We are proud to say that our wines consistently sell out and that our mailing list strengthens each year. This success is due to the team we have assembled. We are excited to produce our wines at Eleven Eleven Winery under Kirk Venge’s winemaking direction. Kirk is in place to help us take Mirror to the next level as we prepare for harvest 2018. This is truly an exciting time in our development.

The Mirror (mir-er) story is constantly evolving. The Mirer Family Foundation has continued to grow with the help of various unique wine promotions. Supporting children’s charities tied to health and education has always been the focus. Our reach expands every day.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the 2013 Mirror Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and give us a call the next time you visit our beautiful valley.


Rick Mirer