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Metz Road is primarily committed to the sustainability of its vineyards. 100% of Metz Road vineyards are officially certified by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance, a statewide certification program that provides third-party verification of a winery’s commitment to continuous improvement and the adoption and implementation of sustainable grape growing practices.

The vineyard minimizes water usage through 100% drip irrigation and uses cover crops to naturally improve soil health, prevent erosion, control vine vigor, and promote sustainable health of the vineyard. Practicing low impact methods to control pests while promoting beneficial insects and microbiologic activity, as well as utilizing over 250 owl boxes to control rodent populations naturally and help the local raptor population, are just a few of Metz Road’s sustainable vineyard practices.

Marta Kraftzeck - Winemaker

Picture of Marta Kraftzeck - Winemaker

Monterey native Marta Kraftzeck is a graduate of University of California Davis, a learning ground for many of today’s top winemakers. In 1980, Marta worked a harvest in Southern France (Cucugnan) and credits the experience with her entry into the wine industry. Her former credits include the heralded Monterey Peninsula Winery (more medals than any other winery on a per capita basis) and Château Julien where she was the winemaker/viticulturist for over twenty years.

She is a fan of Spanish food and wines and has many other interests within the wine realm. She is involved with Les Dames d’Escoffier, a non-profit group that raises money for women in the hospitality, food and wine industries. This Estate Chardonnay from the Riverview Vineyard expresses the unique terroir of the cool section of Monterey County. In Marta’s view the wine is a steely, sculptured style of Chardonnay with distinctive minerality.

Monterey County

Picture of Monterey County

Historically, Franciscan Friars, in the early Spanish mission of Soledad, planted wine grapes over two hundred years ago. Now, this area has multiplied in size to include around 46,000 acres of planted vineyards in the Monterey County growing area.

In Monterey County, Chardonnay is an especially important grape as it comprises 50% of total grape acreage. Currently, the northern areas of the county are heavily planted in Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Pinot Blanc. In the warmer southern areas, red grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon (the second largest variety), Merlot and Zinfandel are common. It offers variations of geography and climate ranging from the cool steep slopes of the Santa Lucia Mountains to the warmer climate of the valleys. These conditions include ancient soils, warm sunshine, cooling ocean breezes and fog that allow this wine region to produce a wide range of styles. The Salinas Valley is the primary grape-growing area in Monterey County; in addition, the Carmel Valley, Hames Valley and the San Antonio Valley are also designated AVA appellations.