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Daniel Sanchez and Gabriela Melchum were inspired by the Valle de Guadalupe and its wine producing culture and wanted to create a space of relaxation and comfort.

Vinos Melchum was founded by Daniel Sanchez and Gabriela Melchum in 2008 and was originally named Hacienda Guadalupe. The couple was inspired by the Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California, Mexico and its wine producing culture and wanted to create a space of relaxation and comfort.

The result is a total experience that includes regional cooking through an excellent on-site restaurant, the comfort of a boutique style hotel, the flavors and aromas of the grapevines, and the breathtaking landscape of the region.

Hacienda Guadalupe is now the name given to the family’s estate, but the wines take the name of Vinos Melchum to honor Daniel’s wife, Gabriela. The wines are made by Chilean Daniel Lonnberg, who has extensive winemaking experience, as well as a passion for crafting world-class Mexican wines.

We hope that our International Wine Club members enjoy this month's selection and are able to appreciate the extensive history and culture that has been put into producing it! Cheers!

Map of the area

Baja California, Mexico

Picture of Baja California, Mexico

Mexico’s premier wine region lies in the state of Baja California, where approximately 75% of all of Mexico’s wine is produced. Here, the hot, dry Mediterranean climate shows great similarities to Napa Valley and the Southern Rhone, but with a significant maritime influence as most of Baja’s vineyards are within just 15 miles of the Pacific Ocean. Baja California’s wine county runs from Valle de Guadalupe in the north (about 20 miles northeast of Ensenada), to Valle de San Vicente - about 55 miles south. This stretch of land is roughly twice the length of Napa Valley.

The main subregions of Baja include Valle de Guadalupe, Valle de Ojos Negros, Valle de Santo Tomas, Valle de La Grulla, Valle de San Vicente and Puerta Norte. The varied soils, elevations, and microclimates in Baja California make the region home to several of the world’s great wine grapes, as well as obscure blends with more uncommon varietals. With Baja California’s wine country on the rise, it has become one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations among both Mexicans and U.S. visitors.