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Santa Barbara County region

An organic farmer in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley, Dr. Ramon Guerrero crafts small-batch, award-winning wines for his family-owned winery, Meadowlark Vineyards.

An anesthesiologist-turned-vintner, Dr. Ramon Guerrero and his family are the producers behind Meadowlark Vineyards, a boutique winery nestled in the Santa Ynez Valley of Santa Barbara County. The winery was established twenty years ago, and has since built a reputation for its elegant, small-batch wines that are unique to the terroir of the Central Coast region.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Ramon immigrated with his parents to Santa Barbara, California when he was elementary age, but he has many fond memories of helping his grandfather on the family farm in Mexico. While he didn’t know it at the time, his grandfather was an eco-friendly farmer who never used pesticides or herbicides; when it came time to establish his vineyard in the Santa Ynez Valley, Ramon knew he wanted to continue the tradition of respecting and caring for the environment, following the practices he was raised on.

After attending grade school and college, Ramon went on to medical school and became an anesthesiologist, settling in Plano, Texas with his wife Sandra. His practice was very successful, but the Guerreros felt the pull to move back to Santa Barbara and after a trip to the Santa Ynez Valley, found themselves falling in love with the bountiful wine country. In 2002, Ramon and Sandra took a leap of faith, spending their life savings by purchasing a 17-acre parcel of land that was uniquely nestled along the banks of the Santa Ynez River. This would become the home of Meadowlark Vineyards.

By 2003, the first Syrah vines were planted on the Meadowlark estate, and just three years later, the first grapes were harvested and produced into the inaugural release wines. Meadowlark Vineyards was officially born, beginning the tradition of offering small-lot wines while also being good stewards of the land through sustainable and organic farming practices.

Over the years, Meadowlark Vineyards has been a true family affair, with Ramon and Sandra’s three children stepping in to help with marketing and distribution, operations, and even winemaking and quality control. While they are now pursuing their own careers (Dahlia is a Diagnostic Radiology physician, Esteban is an Internal Medicine physician, and Daniel is a pilot for the US Air Force), their hearts remain with the family winery and they continue to be involved whenever possible.

Today, Meadowlark Vineyards has become one of the most decorated boutique wineries in Santa Barbara County with several award-winning selections. We are pleased to offer one of their recent achievements. Enjoy!

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