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Sonoma County region

Hand-crafted wines from exceptional mountain and hillside vineyards in Sonoma County

Founded by David Scheidt in 2007, Mastro Scheidt Family Cellars is located in Sonoma County and offers a unique portfolio of flavorful, distinctive wines ranging from Italian varietal powerhouses, to straight up Cabs, to signature blends. Each wine is hand crafted from exceptional mountain and hillside vineyards in Sonoma County, where rocky soils and a pattern of warm days and cool nights add depth, character, and personality.

David named the winery after his ancestors - the Mastrogiacomos (shortened to ‘Mastro’ at Ellis Island) on his mother’s side, who immigrated to Fresno from Southern Italy in the early 1900’s, and the Scheidts on his father’s side, Prussians who arrived around the same time from the Volga River Valley. His grandparents then carried on the family’s winemaking tradition from California’s San Joaquin Valley and helped instill in David a deep and abiding love of cooking and wine from a very early age.

As a young man, David explored the California wine regions with keen interest, and developed a serious fascination in the craft of winemaking, wine business, and the vineyards surrounding Healdsburg in Northern California. This interest stuck with him, but he went on to earn a degree in finance from CSU Fresno and first established a career as a financial analyst and consultant. It wasn’t until a family trip to Italy in 2004, that the lure of winemaking took hold and David knew he had to carry on the family tradition of winemaking. He returned to his corporate finance career with a determination to get himself into the wine industry at the earliest possible opportunity.

David spent time exploring the wines and regions of Sonoma County and began to identify his favorite wine styles and vineyard sites (most of them in Dry Creek Valley and Alexander Valley). He also refined his traditional winemaking skills and even returned to Italy to further his winemaking experience and education. He crafted his first wine for Mastro Scheidt Family Cellars in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since.

Outside of the cellar, one can find David Scheidt pursuing one of his many other interests as a chef and food aficionado, a talented amateur photographer, and a seasoned high-altitude mountaineer and climber, all while maintaining his successful career in the institutional finance sector.

We hope our Gold Plus! Wine subscribers enjoy this wine from Mastro Scheidt Family Cellars, still one of the tiniest, most passionate garagiste producers in Sonoma County. Cheers!

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