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"We at Maroon Vineyard are blessed to have everything we need in one particular place.”

Almost two decades ago, Paul Maroon realized a lifelong ambition and relocated to Napa Valley with the hope of one day becoming a viable aspect of the Napa Valley wine trade. Sadly, Maroon recently passed away, but his mark on Napa Valley wines will be felt for a long time to come.

Maroon Wines began as a smallish operation with first release coming in 2008, a mere 500 cases. Maroon Wines’ emphasis has always been on the venerable Cabernet Sauvignon, the varietal that was the much-noted favorite of Paul Maroon.

Success came early and often to Maroon wines as accolades and high scores pushed the entity into the ranks of Napa Valley’s upper elite. The company’s production also increased to its present-day level of around 10,000 cases. “This level is perfect for us, for here we can control all aspects of the wine from the beginning to the end,” he often said. “If we were much bigger, this probably wouldn’t be the case.”

Paul Maroon was also a firm believer in terroir-driven wines. “Everyone in the business knows that it is the earth and the combination of drainage and minerals that make the difference,” he was once quoted as saying. “We at Maroon Vineyard are blessed to have everything we need in one particular place.”

Maroon Vineyard is planted at an altitude of between 200 and 600 feet and is twenty years old, factors that increase the quality of the fruit. “I just can’t say enough about the vineyard,” he was also quoted. “The fruit it produces makes our winemaking job all the easier.”

Throughout the years, Maroon counted on Chris Corley (a second-generation member of the successful Monticello Vineyards family) to make all his wines. His next-door neighbor was Robert Craig of Robert Craig Winery and Affinity Wine. Craig was his friend and mentor and Maroon always insisted that Craig be given a great deal of credit for the successes of his Maroon Wines.

According to Kara Krushin, the Maroon Vineyard general manager, Maroon’s wife Rene will continue the operation much as before and all employees have agreed to remain in place. Kara’s reflection on Paul Maroon was simple and direct. “Paul was a gentle giant, a real teddy bear inside. He was generous and most gracious. He never met a person who didn’t immediately become his friend.”

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Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

It is very exciting for us to offer for the first time a 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from this vineyard! This wine really showcases the quality of these special grapes. On the nose, the wine has dark berry fruit, mocha and coffee aromas. On the palate, the wine has medium weight tannins, a rich core, and a long finish. It will age well for 12 to 15 years.

One of the reasons I purchased this property in the Coombsville Appellation 12 years ago is that it is located in an area of Napa that is a sweet spot for growing Cabernet Sauvignon, my favorite varietal. We have slightly cooler temperatures here than the Northern part of the valley. The cooler temperatures allow the grapes to hang longer than the hotter areas. This extra hang time allows the grapes to be fully mature at the time of picking. The end result is a very complex, well-balanced, and simply delicious wine.

The past 4 years have been challenging growing seasons here in Napa. 2009 was difficult, but with careful management in both the vineyard and in the cellar, we have been able to produce one of the finest Maroon Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignons ever. Our crop was light in 2009, so we don’t have much of this wine. The up side is that a light crop produces exceptional grapes and wine. All of the energy from the vine goes into fewer grapes, producing superior quality.

I am pleased to offer you this very special wine...and I hope you enjoy sharing it.


Paul Maroon
Maroon Wines