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The goal with Magnus is to craft ultra-premium wines with purpose and personality that stand apart and tell a story

Founded in 2013 by Jimmy O’Mahoney, Zack Zalon, and Brendon Cassidy, Magnus is a relatively new endeavor focused on producing distinctive, ultra-premium wines from some of the best growers in Napa and Sonoma Valleys. The three friends, who come from very different professional backgrounds, all shared a mutual passion for wine and eventually decided to team up and turn their winery dreams into a reality. Magnus, which is a name shared by kings and saints, was selected for their portfolio of unique wines, in which every bottling is designed to take you beyond the threshold of the ‘ordinary’, to the ‘extraordinary.’

Founder Jimmy O’Mahoney has built brands and businesses in every region of the world, beginning his career in the UK motor industry and progressing through a variety of executive positions with global brands such as beverage giants, Diageo and Lion Nathan. He is also the former Global CEO of legendary agency Saatchi & Saatchi. Zack Zalon, on the other hand, has a background in radical technology innovation, and Brendon Cassidy’s career has focused on the intersection of art and technology - he is a trained composer and software engineer who actively composes music for various projects and designs open-source digital musical instruments. Together, O’Mahoney’s incredible business expertise, coupled with Zalon’s and Cassidy’s ongoing legacy of innovation, has resulted in a very unique yet impressive foundation for this newcomer winery.

The goal with Magnus is to craft ultra-premium wines with purpose and personality that stand apart and tell a story. To bring this vision to life, the trio of friends needed the right winemaker, and the choice was immediately obvious to them - Jacqueline Yoakum. Jacqueline is a master winemaker known for artisanal wines of exceptional quality. Using biodynamic techniques, Jacqueline is an absolute expert who respects the terroir of the land and only works with those who are dedicated to making wines at the highest level. Her wines consistently take honors in international and domestic competitions and have garnered high scores from The Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, and Wine Enthusiast publications.

Currently, Magnus crafts four unique wines - The Allure (Cabernet Sauvignon), The Bravado (Merlot), The Profane (Shiraz), and The Bombast (a Bordeaux-style blend). Each wine tells a different ‘story’ with a rare combination of power and grace, style and subtlety. Opulent and full bodied, bold yet balanced, seductive and structured, each of the limited production Magnus wines are made with thoughtfulness and intention. We are proud to introduce this winery to our Garagiste Wine Club members.