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A rare gem in the winery crown that comprises Napa Valley

Mac Watson was born into a family who loved wines, and at an early age he discovered the ultimate joy of wine pleasure. This experience took place when he was just fourteen years old at the hallowed grounds of Château Lafite Rothschild in the Pauillac Region of Bordeaux. After tasting several flights of the world renowned wine with his parents, Mac was hooked and knew his future lay in the wine industry. It was this epiphany that would lead him to the ownership of Macauley Vineyard, this month's Diamond Plus! Wine Club selection.

The family winery began operation in the early 1980's under the direction of his mother, Ann Macauley Watson, and she successfully ran the operation until her death in 1994 - after which, the label became dormant for some time.

In the summer of 2000, Mac Watson decided to begin working in the wine industry for the prominent winery, Rudd Oakville Estate, and the experience convinced Mac that he should revive his mother's wine label. The following year, the second generation of Macauley Vineyard was born with just 600 inaugural cases released.

All of the fruit for Macauley's wines are purchased from select vineyards in Napa Valley, including prestigious sites in Mt. Veeder, Howell Mountain, Yountville, Rutherford, and Oakville. Each of the vineyard properties are on long-term contracts and they provide Macauley Vineyard with tremendous flexibility.

Mac has also teamed up with his childhood friend, winemaker Kirk Venge, to produce Macauley Vineyard's wines. Kirk is the son of legendary Napa Valley winemaker Nils Venge who has produced numerous top caliber wines for decades. Kirk is also considered a star among Napa Valley winemakers, and today holds full ownership of his family's Venge Vineyards.

Mac and Kirk make an impressive team and craft some extraordinary wines that honor Mac's mother's original idea. Production is still quite small (this year, Macauley will produce only 1,250 cases), but the plaudits and scores the winery has received are extremely impressive and make Macauley Vineyard a wonderful tribute and Napa Valley winery.

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Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

It is an honor to be part of the Gold Medal Wine Club again. I started Macauley back in 2001 with a focus on Cabernet, but always knew I would be adding more varietals to the portfolio. In 2003, that time came, and we added our second wine. In debating what we wanted to add, we knew we wanted something that was going to be a great stand alone red wine to enjoy on a Friday night, yet also something that would be a wonderful food pairing wine. We decided upon Zinfandel. The varietal is one of the more universal food wines we have come across. Whether you are grilling on the barbeque, making a pasta sauce, eating Indian food, or enjoying some Chinese, Zinfandel not only works, but enhances the experience.

Our 2012 Macauley Old Vine Zinfandel marks our 10th vintage of making this gorgeous varietal, and in this vintage we are very proud to have made what my winemaker, Kirk Venge, and myself believe to be our best Zin to date. According to Kirk, “It is the epitome of what fanatics of this California varietal will enjoy.” It has the perfect balance of bright, fresh fruit, with a touch of spice. A smudge on the planting record prevents us from knowing the exact age of the vines, but it is either 1904 or 1914. This bold and brooding Zinfandel will be sure to please all those who love this varietal and most likely turn any skeptic into a fan. Enjoy!

Dulce Periculum!

Mac Watson