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In no time Macauley Vineyards had risen to the exalted ranks of Napa Valley wine hierarchy.

One of the main factors that separates Macaulay Vineyard from other Napa Valley wineries is the fact that it is one of the only wineries to have actually risen from the dead to become one of Napa Valley’s leading wineries.

As a matter of explanation, Macauley Vineyard began operations in the early 1980’s under the hands of Ann Macauley Watson who ran the family operation until her death in 1994. The entity then ceased operations and the label became dormant.

Six years later, Ann Macauley Watson’s son, Mac, became bitten with the infamous wine bug and began working in the wine industry. The experience proved rewarding, and Mac Watson began the process of resurrecting his family’s treasured wine label as a tribute to his mother. In 2001, the first 600 cases of Macauley Vineyard’s second generation were released to the general public. But, the Macauley Vineyard story gets even better, much, much better in fact. Mac Watson grew up in Napa Valley and was a charter member of the I-Know-Kirk-Venge Fan Club. Venge (of the great winemaking Venge Family) was in the process of establishing his own reputation as a winemaker and was happy to team up with his childhood friend in producing Macauley Vineyard.

The connection worked to perfection and a number of imposing scores and plaudits followed. In no time at all, Macauley Vineyard had risen to the exalted ranks of Napa Valley wine hierarchy. Mac Watson was adept at securing long-term contracts for top quality fruit in a number of extremely selective AVA’s that insured a consistent and formidable supply of fruit for his newly reestablished entity. Macauley Vineyard would become everything his mother had dreamed about and more.

Production at Macauley Vineyard has remained on the smallish side, around 1200 cases a year and doesn’t figure to increase very much in the future. “We are quite happy with where we are,” related Mac Watson. “Our formula for success has always been to keep it small and extremely quality oriented. Our friends and customers expect a certain level of excellence and we buy the fruit that gives us that degree of distinction. Plus, Kirk (Venge) has become one of the truly great Napa Valley winemakers and his presence assures us that our wines will not fluctuate in the future.”

Stories like this are a boon to the wine industry and to those involved in their success. It is a great pleasure to reintroduce Macauley Vineyard to our Platinum Plus Wine Club members. Enjoy!

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Dear Platinum Wine Club Members,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Members,

It is an honor to be part of the Gold Medal Wine Club again. I started Macauley back in 2001 with a focus on Cabernet, but always knew I would be adding more varietals to the portfolio. In 2003, that time came, and we added our second wine. In debating what we wanted to add, we knew we wanted something that was going to be a great stand alone red wine to enjoy on a Friday night, yet also something that would be a wonderful food pairing wine. We decided upon Zinfandel. The varietal is one of the more universal food wines we have come across. Whether you are grilling on the barbecue, making a pasta sauce, eating Indian food, or enjoying some Chinese, Zinfandel not only works, but enhances the experience.

Our 2012 Macauley Old Vine Zinfandel marks our 10th vintage of making this gorgeous varietal, and in this vintage we are very proud to have made what my winemaker, Kirk Venge, and myself believe to be our best Zin to date. According to Kirk, “It is the epitome of what fanatics of this California varietal will enjoy.” It has the perfect balance of bright, fresh fruit, with a touch of spice. A smudge on the planting record prevents us from knowing the exact age of the vines, but it is either 1904 or 1914. This bold and brooding Zinfandel will be sure to please all those who love this varietal and most likely turn any skeptic into a fan. Enjoy!

Dulce Periculum!

Mac Watson