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While attorney Randy Wulff enjoyed a celebrated 20-year legal career, at one point, he found the law “not socially productive” and turned to another form of legal endeavor - mediator in important legal cases. He quickly rose to the top of that profession.

“Even when I was one of the chief mediators during the World Trade Center hearings that lasted for more than two and a half years, my wife Krys and I had always dreamed of being in the wine business,” Wulff said openly. “We were living in the East Bay and Napa Valley was only an hour’s drive away. Whenever we arrived there, it was like living in another world.”

The Wulffs initially purchased a getaway home in Napa Valley that included an acre that had been used for horses. They converted the field into a vineyard and planted Chardonnay. “When the first usable fruit came in, we sold the grapes to Randy Lewis and he produced a wine that notched incredibly high scores. I thought to myself, this is easy, and we decided to really delve into the wine industry.”

The couple decided to increase their vineyard land to its present day 24 acres under plant. They also chose to develop their own winery that they called Lobo Wines, in honor of their Hispanic workforce (Lobo is Spanish for ‘wolf,’ a play on their last name).

The Wulffs’ son Matt was an incredibly successful illustrator and he designed the winery label. “I told him that I wanted a label that was distinctive at the next table in a restaurant, and he did the rest. We’ve received many compliments about our striking label and Matt is to thank for that,” he added.

Lobo’s Wines first came to life in 2007 with a Spartan total of just 25 cases. The production has gradually increased to around 1,500 cases, but Randy Wulff sees continued expansion ahead for his venture.

“We want to grow Lobo Wines carefully,” he explained. “Our goal is probably around 5,000 cases, and we want everything to be home grown. At this point, we crush some 100 tons of fruit, but we sell around 70 percent to other wineries. Over time, we will sell less and produce more.”

While Lobo Wines has been turning heads in Napa Valley for the past several years, Randy Wulff said his greatest joy in the wine business came just last year. One of his wines, a 2015 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, was chosen by Great Britain’s stellar Decanter magazine as the Top Cabernet Sauvignon in California over 197 other competitors. That honor landed the wine on the Decanter magazine cover and further enhanced Lobo Wines’ reputation among world-class wineries.

“We were honored to receive such a prestigious score from the finest wine magazine in the world,” offered Randy Wulff. “Many of the top producers were represented and our winemaker, Victoria Coleman, was heralded for the wine she made, the first as our winemaker.”

The horrendous Atlas Peak fire of 2017 devastated Lobo Wines and the Wulffs’ beautiful home site. They have been rebuilding their home for the past two and a half years. In the meantime, another project, the Caves at Soda Canyon, has reached fruition. Four wineries share the space that is carved into a mountain. Lobo Wines is one of the owners of the fantastic tasting facility.

“It is possible to emerge from our caves and have a grandiose view of Stag’s Leap from about 900 feet up; one of the greatest views in all of Napa Valley,” described Randy Wulff. “And, you can taste all of our Lobo Wines or a sampling of all four wineries.”

Randy and Krys devote a great deal of their time to Lobo Wines. Krys handles all the company’s marketing and compliance work as well as their club’s activities. She also participates in Lobo Wines’ blending and sampling phases and is instrumental in the winery’s continued progress.

“We were high school sweethearts and have been married for 48 years,” imparted Randy Wulff. “She is the heart and soul of Lobo Wines and our success is directly related to her efforts. I can’t think of anything better than sharing our success with the person I love the most.”

Lobo Wines started as an incredibly small entity and has developed into a major Napa Valley producer at the highest possible quality level. While still at the boutique level in production, its quality rank is among the highest in Napa Valley.

It is our pleasure to introduce Lobo Wines to our Platinum Wine Club members. We know you will enjoy this masterful wine. Cheers!

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Dear Platinum Wine Club Member,

Picture of Dear <i>Platinum Wine Club</i> Member,

Lobo is so pleased to be featured in the Platinum Wine Club. Here are a few personal thoughts about our philosophy.

You can make bad wine from good fruit, but you can’t make good wine from bad fruit. We have resolved never to make a wine unless the fruit is from one of our own vineyards, lovingly tended.

Hire the best people and listen to them. Our winemakers (Randy Lewis for Chardonnay and Victoria Coleman for all reds) are extraordinary. Randy is iconic in the valley. Victoria has parlayed a UC Davis degree and training at Château Mouton Rothschild into her own rising star.

Do it for love. We are a boutique producer with one passion - stop at nothing to make the very best wines possible. To learn more and see if a visit to the spectacular winery is possible, go to www.lobowines.com.


Randy and Kryss Wulff
Proprietors - LOBO Wines

Victoria Coleman - Winemaker

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