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Le Fleuron de la Tessonnière

Bordeaux region

A family-owned estate following generations of winemakeing traditions

The Médoc region along the left bank of the Gironde River in the northern part of Bordeaux is the home of Le Fleuron de la Tessonnière that was founded by the Chevreux Family at the beginning of the 20th Century. The family’s fourth generation, led by Cedric Colemyn, the great-grandson of founder Alphonse Chevreux, currently operates this rising star among small Bordeaux châteaux. It is located on parcels of calcareous clay that enjoy near perfect sun and also allow for long hang time for the fruit.

In 1994, La Fleuron de la Tessonnière was recognized as a top quality small Medoc winery and became allowed to utilize the Cru Artisan designation on its label. Only 44 properties fit the established criteria for the Cru Artisan designation that involves quality and value as well as size of vineyards. The term Cru Artisan had existed for more than 150 years, but this new determination was the first that dealt with quality and value. Keep an eye out for this wonderful châteaux - it seems destined for additional merit.

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France: Fun Facts

Picture of France: Fun Facts

France is one of the largest wine producing countries in the world, on average producing more than 6 million bottles a year.

• French wine traces its history back to the 6th century with many regions dating their winemaking history to the Roman times.

• The world's greatest cycle race, the Tour de France, has been around for more than 100 years, with the first event held in July of 1903.

• France produces nearly a billion tons of cheese each year in around 1,200 different varieties.

• There are nearly 280 appellations in France, ranging from the huge Bordeaux appellation to the tiny, single vineyard appellations of Coulée de Serrant in the Loire and Romanée-Conti in Burgundy. There are regional appellations, district appellations, and there are appellations which cover only one commune.

• The word "sommelier" is an old French word meaning butler or an officer in charge of provisions, derived from the Old Provençal saumalier, or pack-animal driver.

• France is the most visited country in the world with over 80 million tourists each year.

• France started classifying and passing laws governing winemaking in 1935.

• The most widely planted red wine grape in France is Merlot.

• The construction of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris was ordered in 1806 by Napoleon, the French Emperor.

Cedric Colemyn - Owner & Winemaker

Picture of Cedric Colemyn - Owner & Winemaker

Owner/Winemaker Cedric Colemyn is a fifth generation winemaker as well as great grandson of founder Alphonse Chevreux. Colemyn holds degrees in both viticulture and oenology and has been at the helm of Le Fleuron de la Tessonnière since 1995. At 35, Colemyn is primarily responsible for the châteaux’s 1997 ascension to Cru Artisan status by developing both the vineyards and production of its wines, a notable accomplishment for the young Médocian.