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Honoring his heritage and proudly embracing family winemaking traditions

La Rochelle Winery is a branch of Steve Mirassou’s Steven Kent Winery, an eponymous brand that was created to continue a family tradition of winemaking.

The Mirassou family is actually the oldest winemaking family in North America, having emigrated from France in 1852 and starting a winery in the San Jose region in 1854. Although the Mirassou Family Winery was purchased by the Gallo Corporation in 2003, that didn’t stop the family from continuing their legacy.

Today, sixth generation Steve Mirassou continues the family tradition with Steven Kent Winery (a Bordeaux House) and this month’s featured winery, La Rochelle (a Burgundian House). Named after the town in France from which his family immigrated, La Rochelle Winery was founded in 2005 and is based in Livermore, California with fruit sourced from a number of vineyards in Monterey County, Sonoma, and the Santa Lucia Highlands.

The winery produces an assortment of Burgundian-style varietals, but the focus remains on crafting premium Pinot Noir in small lot programs.

Steve Mirassou couldn’t be prouder to embrace his family’s winemaking tradition, and honors his heritage with each passionately made bottle of wine released from his two Livermore winery brands. Enjoy!

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