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Garnering top medals and awards with their small-lot wines blended from a handful of premium growers in Paso Robles

There is no doubt that the robust grapes of Westside Paso Robles’ mountainside vineyards result in notable wines, especially when they are used to craft the exceptional blends for Kiamie Wine Cellars (pronounced key-ah-mee). Kiamie’s expressive wines are a collaborative effort between national sales manager Greg Johnson, general manager Aram Deirmenjian, and winemaker Steve Glossner, each with a unique background in the wine business and an incredible passion for blending distinctive Paso Robles wines of uncompromising quality.

It all started when Greg Johnson, whose career began in a wine retail shop in New York, convinced his friend, businessman and California native Aram Deirmenjian, to move out west to help him start a winery. Aram comes from a family with a 30-year history of California grape growing and in fact, grew up working in the vineyard. The two visited several California wine regions and were most impressed with the fruit coming from the mountainside vineyards of Westside Paso Robles.

When Aram took a job at Halter Ranch Winery, he met winemaker Steve Glossner and the trifecta was complete. Steve began blending small lot wines for Kiamie Wine Cellars, sourcing grapes from a handful of premium growers in Paso Robles. The wines have been extremely well received with a number of them garnering Gold Medals and 90+ scores – not bad for a new comer in one of the most competitive regions of the state. We are happy to introduce this fantastic winery to our Gold PLUS! Wine Club members.

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