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Dry Creek Valley AVA

Joseph Jewell is one of the few wineries with access to Grist Vineyard and they strive to craft Zinfandels with brilliant expressions of the special site.

This month’s Platinum Plus! feature comes from Joseph Jewell, a duo of young, garagiste-style winemakers specializing in single-vineyard wines from Sonoma and Humboldt Counties. Founded by Micah Wirth and Adrian Manspeaker in 2006, Joseph Jewell Wines may have started in a small garage in Windsor, California, but today the ultra-boutique winery has an award-winning reputation and stands as one of the crown jewels (no pun intended) of Sonoma wine country.

Micah Wirth is the fourth generation in a family of wine producers. His father was the winemaker at Sonoma’s Preston Vineyards, and starting at the age of 8, Micah would accompany him to work where he anxiously learned the basics of winemaking. Once he was old enough, Micah enrolled in enology classes at the heralded UC Davis campus, which only fueled his passion. After graduating and working a number of grueling 15-hour days at harvest internships, he landed a winemaking position at Gary Farrell Winery. Over the next seven years, Micah worked his way up to Cellar Master and gained the ambition he needed to start his own label.

In 2006, Micah teamed up with friend Adrian Manspeaker and founded Joseph Jewell. Adrian worked in construction with a business background, but he was always fascinated by winemaking and jumped at the chance to join the industry. The winery name, Joseph Jewell, is a combination of the duo’s middle names (Micah Joseph Wirth and Adrian Jewell Manspeaker) and the coat of arms on the wine label depicts a mystical dragon that represents both of their Scottish heritages.

Since starting out, Micah and Adrian have remained dedicated to their original winery vision of crafting vineyard designated wines from Sonoma and Humboldt Counties. They seek out growers who use sustainable farming practices and work closely with the property owners to monitor the fruit’s progress and the distinctive character of the sites. Grist Vineyard, the source for this month’s featured wine, rests majestically at 1,000 feet above sea level at the top of Bradford Mountain in Sonoma County, and it consistently produces award-winning Zinfandel. Joseph Jewell is one of the few wineries with access to Grist Vineyard and they strive to craft Zinfandels with brilliant expressions of the special site.

Micah and Adrian still serve as the sole employees and co-winemakers of Joseph Jewell and currently produce single-vineyard Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and a Rosé of Pinot Noir. With a number of prestigious awards already to their name, they look forward to a promising future while building the growing Joseph Jewell brand.

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Micah Wirth & Adrian Manspeaker - Winemakers

Micah Wirth and Adrian Manspeaker are co-winemakers in their joint venture of Joseph Jewell Wines. Their intense drive and commitment are apparent in every detail of their work and with many 90+ rated wines already to their name, it's safe to say these guys are making a great team.

Micah Wirth learned the basics of winemaking from his father, and went on to study enology at UC Davis and work for the well-respected Gary Farrell Winery. Adrian, on the other hand, learned winemaking from Micah, his friend and business partner. He furthered his practice by taking classes at UC Davis and working harvests for various Sonoma wineries. The wines are made at Peay Vineyard in Cloverdale and they can be tasted and enjoyed at the new Joseph Jewell tasting room in downtown Forestville.


The 2011 Pinot Noir comes from the Hallberg Vineyard in the Green Valley sub-appellation of the Russian River Valley. Named after the former owners, Don and Marcia Hallberg, the Hallberg Vineyard property was once home to 115 acres of Gravenstein apples.

Historically, this region was known for its apple orchards but starting in the mid 1980s, the apple industry moved north to Washington. In 1999, the Hallbergs decided to sell their property to Brice Jones of Sonoma-Cutrer Winery who recognized that the site had great potential for Pinot Noir

Today, the Hallberg Vineyard produces some of the finest Pinot Noir in the Russian River Valley and Joseph Jewell Wines is one of the few wineries with access to the fruit. Micah and Adrian began sourcing Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir in 2010 and they have had great success with the fruit vintage after vintage. Their 2011 Hallberg Vineyard Pinot Noir is one of their best achievements to date and a brilliant expression of the vineyard.