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A growing winery making a serious name for itself on the Central Coast

John Alan and his wife Kimiko are known for their love of family, travel, and good wine, and for many years enjoyed traveling extensively throughout California, finding intimate bed and breakfasts while exploring the local wines. They shared their passion for wine with family and friends, and often embarked on family wine excursions to the famed wine regions of Northern and Central California.

John’s background in geology and science instilled in him a natural desire to learn more about the history and technology of winemaking, and it became the foundation for the Alans’ future in the industry. John and Kimiko dreamed of opening their own winery with a boutique bed and breakfast inn, and decided that the Central Coast’s beautiful landscapes and rapidly growing wine regions would suit their vision perfectly.

In 1999, John and his brothers, Steve and Lance, purchased a quaint 24-acre property in Templeton (of Paso Robles) and planted an 11-acre vineyard on the site. Focusing the best technology available on their small estate vineyard, John Alan Winery has spared no expense in producing a premium boutique wine experience. With winemakers Aaron Warren and Will Persall lending their expertise, the John Alan Winery brand continues to grow and make a serious name for itself on the Central Coast.