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Expressive, small-batch wines from the Central Coast.

Founded in 1994 on California's Central Coast, Hug Cellars is a small family-owned winery specializing in crafting small lots of premium, terroir-driven wines. The winery was originally established by Augie and Raquel Hug, who shared a passion for producing pure, expressive, vineyard driven wines from premier vineyards and growers.

For several years, they devoted themselves and their resources entirely to this soulful endeavor, and in 2005, they were joined by assistant winemaker Edgar Torres who shared their same love and passion for winemaking. The Hugs took Edgar in as their own, and when they decided to retire, it only seemed fitting for Edgar to take over the brand and uphold their original vision.

Today, Edgar is the proud owner and winemaker for Hug Cellars, and he continues to produce exceptional, small batch wines from California's Central Coast. It all began in 1993 when the Hugs purchased a wine shop and tasting room in Harmony, which was named the Central Coast Wine Room. They focused on small, artisan producers and through the wine shop, met and became friends with many of these winemakers. It was here that they met John Alban (of Alban Vineyards) who graciously offered to help them make wine.

Hug Cellars became a reality shortly thereafter. After many years of making wine at Alban Vineyards, the Hugs moved their operation to a small facility of their own in 2004 in Paso Robles - a location that is still home to Hug Cellars today. The winery works with some of the best vineyards and growers on the Central Coast, and produces extremely small amounts of several different varietals.

Edgar Torres has ambitious plans to grow the brand by seeking out new properties and slightly increasing its (tiny) overall production, which is less than 1,000 cases per annum. What will remain the same is Edgar's dedication to achieving purity, integrity, and balance in Hug Cellars wines, and producing the wines as naturally as possible - a philosophy he shared with Hug's previous owner, Augie Hug. This means gentle winemaking in the cellar and allowing the wines to truly capture the region's and vineyard's unique terroir.

Hug Cellars' wines have garnered several prestigious accolades over the years, making these limited bottlings even harder to get your hands on.

We are delighted to share one of their most prized recent achievements with our Pinot Noir monthly Wine Club members. We are certain you will enjoy it. Cheers!

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Edgar Torres - Owner & Winemaker

Picture of Edgar Torres - Owner & Winemaker

Born in the village of Buenavista near Morelia in Michoacan, Mexico, Edgar Torres is living the epitome of the American dream. His family came to America when Edgar was very young, and they settled in the coastal town of Cambria in 1987. They became immediately aware of the possibilities the wine industry offered and the prospects that lay ahead, and Edgar embraced his family's passion for work and love for wine.

Growing up, Edgar worked several jobs in the food industry and made the acquaintance of a number of winemakers and winery owners. He eventually became a 'cellar rat' and over time, worked just about every winery job imaginable, eager to learn everything he could about making wine. Since taking over winemaking duties at Hug Cellars, Edgar has also started his own label, Bodega de Edgar, a nod to his Spanish heritage and love of Spanish wines.