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Becoming a big winery in will never be part of the plan

Hiatus Cellars’ owner Mark Davidowski has a resume that many winery owners would like to have. He has worked as a distributor’s representative, owned a wine store in San Diego, and even imported wine from Bordeaux during this period in his business life. A native of San Francisco, Davidowski earned a degree in business administration at the University of Colorado and he has put those business skills to good use during his extensive odyssey through the wine industry.

When Davidowski decided to start his own winery, he took a most unique approach that could be a model for future entrepreneurs to follow. Rather than investing in land or facilities, Davidowski decided to source fruit from some really fabulous vineyards. He then found three winemakers whose specialty was that particular fruit and gave them the freedom to make what they thought was best for the fruit. So far, their efforts have been met with incredible praise and success.

The three winemakers, Steve Reynolds (Reynolds Family Winery), Rolando Herrera (Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Vine Cliff, and others) and Bryan Page (Page Cellars and Revolver Wine Company) are all top winemakers with extensive credits and numerous awards and scores for their respective wines. In addition to winemaking, Rolando Herrera is also in charge of the farming aspects of the Hiatus Cellars operation.

Hiatus Cellars is a relative newcomer to the California wine scene, having offered its first releases in June of 2013. Davidowski’s current production is around 500 cases, and he hopes to grow a bit more in the next few years. Becoming a ‘big’ winery will never be part of the plan though as Davidowski is the only real employee of the operation. We predict continued success for Mark Davidowski and his pet project and it is our pleasure to introduce you to this remarkable winery. We are incredibly pleased to offer this wine to our Garagiste Series Wine Club members. Enjoy!

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Mark Davidowski - Proprietor & Vintner

Dear Platinum Series Wine Club members,

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity for you to try our flagship wine, the Hiatus Cellars Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. We created Hiatus Cellars with a vision to create wines showcasing the unique character of Napa Valley by pairing great vineyards with their winemaking soul mates. We choose to contract with vineyards of exceptional character and select winemaking partners who share in the vision of each project. In the case of our Cabernet Sauvignon, we’ve partnered with Steve Reynolds from Reynolds Family Winery.

Steve and I have enjoyed a long standing professional and personal relationship of close to two decades and the clarity with which we communicate on production and handling of this prized fruit is essential in ensuring we create an exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon that is anything but the norm for Napa Valley.

Cabernet Sauvignon is the flagship grape for all of the Napa Valley. In recent years, much of the valley’s Cabernet Sauvignon has become stellar in quality but also lost a touch of that personality which, as wine enthusiasts, we relish. Technology has provided us the tools to soften the edges and correct many of the imperfections prevalent in the fruit when it comes in from the vineyards. We have accomplished this at a cost of dulling the personality from these fantastic vineyard sites. One of the goals of Hiatus is to find that balance between technology and personality to create wines showcasing the amazing terroir present in the valley while still taking full advantage of the opportunities the explosion of winemaking technology offers us.

The resulting 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet, our second vintage, showcases just that desire for balance. We harvested later than most, providing for rich, lush fruit flavors showcasing the tipicity of the Stag’s Leap and Southern Napa Valley. Our mix of barrel and small T-Bin fermentation, frequency of our punch-downs, blending of the Merlot and aging the final blend for close to a year in barrel prior to bottling are just a few of the techniques we used to maximize the layers and cohesiveness of the wine.

A gentle filtering at bottling and another year in bottle before release has resulted in a powerful yet elegant Napa Valley Cabernet. It has allowed the earth, spice and fruit character of each vineyard to be showcased in a wine that is structured to age, but supple enough to enjoy in the present. A good decant offers a fantastic experience now, but 10-15 years of bottle age will truly unlock the potential of this bottling. I hope you enjoy our efforts and come back to see how we evolve in the future.


Mark Davidowski
Proprietor & Vintner
Hiatus Cellars