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After losing everything in the 2017 wildfires, a family turns their personal tragedy into something positive.

Founded by Greg and Lindsay Hamilton, Hamilton Family Wines is one of the newest darlings of Sonoma County. This ultra boutique crafts just three wines - a Pinot Noir, a Rosé of Pinot Noir, and a Sauvignon Blanc, all beautifully expressive and terroir-driven from distinguished sites within the Sonoma winegrowing region. The wines are made by Sonoma native winemaker Jess Wade, whose unique talents truly set this winery apart. What takes this special winery to the next level though, is the story behind it and the heart and hope with which it was founded.

Born in Scotland, Greg Hamilton first fell in love with wine while working for a wine merchant back in his homeland. He brought this passion with him to the United States, and initially settled in Southern California where he managed a winery tasting room for some time. He went on to hold various sales and marketing jobs unrelated to wine, but the passion never left.

Greg's wife Lindsay had her first wine tasting experience as a student at UC Santa Cruz, while on a tour at a now forgotten Gilroy Winery. The wine bug struck a chord with her as well, and it became clear that wine would be a passion that they shared. Several years later, the couple made their first 'garage wine' together while living in Berkeley, and while the wine was terrible, the dream of starting their own winery was born.

After years of dabbling in home winemaking, the Hamiltons decided to leave their perch in Berkeley in order to raise their kids in the country and to hopefully break into the winery industry. They settled in Kenwood in Sonoma Valley in 2016 on an idyllic piece of property, right next door to the renowned Landmark Vineyards and with three and a half acres of grapevines of their own. It seemed that everything was falling into place.

On October 8, 2017, however, everything changed. The devastating Northern California firestorm, specifically the Nuns Fire, raged through Sonoma Valley, burning over 56,000 acres and destroying wineries, vineyards, and thousands of homes - including the Hamiltons.'

A few weeks later, humbled by the outpouring of love and support they received from their new community, distraught by the destruction of the beautiful Sonoma Valley, and needing to turn their tragedy into something positive, the Hamiltons decided now now was as good a time as any to launch Hamilton Family Wines - a winery dedicated to shining a light on everything that makes Sonoma special: the people, the landscape, and the wines that are born of both. Their wines would be an expression of the love they feel for this place - distinguished but approachable, and exclusive but not pretentious, capturing the true essence and heart of Sonoma.

They teamed up with winemaker Jess Wade, who is deeply rooted in Sonoma winemaking and crafts wines indicative of the region's unique terroir. His own Sonoma winery, Topophilia, which means 'a love of place,' speaks to his personal dedication to the region. He is a strong believer in allowing the fruit, the vines, the roots, the earth, and everything else in the vineyard to express themselves, while using minimal intervention in the cellar. Greg and Lindsay are incredibly happy to be working with Jess Wade and look forward to many more vintages to come.

We are happy to share the inaugural release of Hamilton Family Wines with our Pinot Noir Wine Club members and we are thrilled to support this family as they strongly push forward and realize their dreams.

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