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Today’s Hamel Family Wines’ production consists of a number of wines that are produced in under 400-case lots.

As the name suggest, the Hamel Family of Sonoma is the producer of this excellent Garagiste Wine Club selection. Hamel Family have already caught the attention of several noted wine experts including Robert Parker who wrote, “it looks as though they merit serious attention from wine consumers.”

It all began in 2006 when George Hamel, Jr. and wife Pam bought a home in Kenwood to escape the summertime rigors of the Bay Area. That experience morphed into the present-day Hamel Family assets that include a 7,000-foot winery, a 12,000-foot wine cave, a twin-pavilion estate house as well as numerous vineyards that surround the winery and are located in other Sonoma County sites. The four HFW-owned estate vineyards (Hamel Family Ranch) totaling 89 acres are Demeter certified biodynamic and organic.

Three generations of the Hamel Family work in varying capacities for the operation. George, Jr. and Pam are the vintners while George Hamel II and his son George III are managing directors. George II has a winemaking certificate from UC Davis and spends most of his time overseeing winegrowing and winemaking operations. George III oversees sales, financial and business aspects for HFW.

The winery label is a story unto itself. Since all Hamel males are graduates of the University of Wisconsin and avid fans of the school, the school’s loveable mascot, the Badger, seemed a natural fit for their venture. A number of chance occurrences to the family made the association a reality.

Hamel Family Wines first release occurred in 2006, with a smallish 290 cases that put the entity squarely in the wine business. The first HFW wines received significant exposure and enjoyed success within wine industry periodicals and competitions. Today’s Hamel Family Wines’ production consists of a number of wines that are produced in under 400-case lots with an emphasis on vineyard-designated wines that showcase different terroirs in and around Sonoma County.

“We are happy at our present level of production,” informed George Hamel III. “We are able to control all aspects of winegrowing at this point in our development, and everyone knows that superior grapes are the single most important aspect of the wine business.” Hamel Family Wines sits at the very top of the Garagiste-facet of the expansive California wine industry. It is a handsome operation that has grown steadily and is dedicated to producing superior quality wines from their own estate vineyards and several sourced Sonoma vineyards. Wineries such as Hamel Family are an important ingredient of California’s highly competitive wine scene. It is a distinct pleasure to introduce this Hamel Family 2016 Isthmus Cabernet Sauvignon for your perusal and enjoyment. We know you will make a grand new friend in the process. Enjoy!

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