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Nestled just three miles southeast of the prestigious Napa Valley, Solano County is one of northern California's best kept secrets. Boasting rich soils, a temperate climate, and warm breezes, this county has been producing wines with character and depth for over 50 years. The deep-hued, rich-bodied fruit produced from these rolling hillsides of cascading vines are made into engaging wines, many of which are snagging top prizes at regional competitions and high ratings from esteemed wine publications.

Solano County is also home to the beautiful Green Valley appellation and the European, Old World inspired winery GV Cellars. A relative newcomer to the northern California wine world, GV Cellars' first vintage release was in 2002, and has since been attracting quite the loyal enthusiasts. With a wine profile run by veteran winemaker Richard Mansfield, it's no wonder the wines are being so widely admired and highly sought after.

Mansfield is proud of the "old school" reputation GV Cellars has acquired, and finds his European inspiration from his Master Winemaker apprenticeship and years of study in Geisenhem, Germany. He is now become a leading consultant and winemaker in northern California and is truly the talent behind GV Cellars' fast growing recognition and serious line-up of dynamic, Old World wines.

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