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"Wine is neither white nor black, it is always shades of grey!"

Jean and Larry Rowe were ardent wine lovers. A memorable 2005 trip to Bordeaux and visits to a number of significant Bordeaux châteaux convinced the couple that a venture into the wine industry could provide them with a significant presence in the business they both loved and revered.

The Rowe’s founded Greyscale Wines with the thought of duplicating some of the finer aspects of their beloved Bordeaux châteaux. “We loved the elegant, low alcohol wines from Bordeaux,” admitted Larry Rowe. “We also believe that that the best wines pair well with fresh local food pioneered in California.” After making barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon in 2006 (from Stagecoach Vineyard in Napa Valley) and finding it enthusiastically received, the couple decided on a commercial release in 2008.

The name Greyscale originates in color science, printing, photography and computer displays. It describes all shades of grey in the color spectrum between black and white. It corresponds to winemaking where, like many things in life, is not absolute (i.e., black and white). Each year’s blending process involves a series of adjustments reflecting the unique qualities of that year’s fruit. Hence the Greyscale Wines motto, “Wine is neither white nor black, it is always shades of grey!”

Greyscale Wines utilizes a San Francisco-based custom crush facility (Crushpad) and the talents of multi-talented Winemaker Kian Tavakoli to produce its award-winning wines. Tavakoli is Iranian by birth and also a University of California Davis alum who has fine-tuned his art at the likes of Napa Valley iconic wineries Opus One Winery and Clos du Val. He currently makes Cabernet Sauvignons for at least fifteen high end Northern California wineries in addition to Greyscale Wines. His wines have scored numerous awards on both national and international levels.

Greyscale Wines is a marvelous example of a close couple choosing a venue that satisfies both their lifestyle and entrepreneurial needs. By keeping their operation small in terms of cases produced and extremely well-conceived in terms of the marketplace, Greyscale Wines has become a superior producer among Garagiste wineries.

It is a pleasure to introduce this fine wine to our Garagiste Wine Club members. Enjoy!

Kian Tavakoli - Winemaker

Picture of Kian Tavakoli - Winemaker